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Cite this RRID:IMSR_EM:02065

Source Database: IMSR, catalog # EM:02065
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: Apoe, Plg
Genomic Alteration: tm1Bres, tm1Jld
Notes: gene symbol note: apolipoprotein E, plasminogen; unclassified: targeted mutation 1, Jan L Breslow, targeted mutation 1, Jay L Degen

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Cite this RRID:BDSC_39398

Source Database: BDSC, catalog # 39398
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: Appl,Scer\GAL4,w
Genomic Alteration: Chromosome/1;3, breakpoints/68A4, 3L:11070538..11070538 (r6, Ti)
Notes: Expresses GAL4 under the control of DNA sequences in or near Appl (FBgn0000108), G.R. See for important information.

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Cite this RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-ALT-060608-128

Source Database: ZFIN, catalog # ZDB-ALT-060608-128
Genetic Background: unspecified
Affected Genes: unm_t30186
Genomic Alteration: t30186
Notes: ZFIN prefers authors to cite using the ZDB-ALT-prefixed identifier.

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Cite this RRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST11635C7

Source Database: IMSR, catalog # TIGM:IST11635C7
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: Vmn2r-ps103
Genomic Alteration: Gt(IST11635C7m1)Tigm
Notes: gene symbol note: vomeronasal 2, receptor, pseudogene 103 unclassified

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Cite this RRID:MGI:5702484

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 5702484
Genetic Background: involves: 129S6/SvEvTac * C57BL/6NCrlj * CBA/JNCrlj
Affected Genes: Cbfb, Mapt, Runx1
Genomic Alteration: tm2.1Ddg; tm2Arbr; tm1(cre/Esr1*)Ims
Reference: PMID:26418744
Notes: abnormal mechanoreceptor morphology Allele Detail: Targeted

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Cite this RRID:DGGR_205622

Source Database: DGGR, catalog # 205622
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes:
Genomic Alteration: Break points/Insertion Site:040D03
Notes: Received from Tokyo Metropolitan University.

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Cite this RRID:DGGR_125732

Source Database: DGGR, catalog # 125732
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes:
Genomic Alteration: Break points/Insertion Site:32E2
Notes: FlyBase Insertion: P{RS5}ab[5-HA-2891]DrosDel FRT insertion: 5-HA-2891Chromosomal location of the insertion was inferred by FlyBase from sequence location.Received from the Szeged Drosophila Stock Centre, University of Szeged, Hungary

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Cite this RRID:MGI:2678502

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 2678502
Genetic Background: involves: 129S2/SvPas * C57BL/6
Affected Genes: Pex14
Genomic Alteration: Gt(pT1Betageo)1Ruiz
Reference: PMID:12904583
Notes: prenatal lethality, complete penetrance Allele Detail: Gene trapped

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Cite this RRID:MGI:3583010

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 3583010
Genetic Background: involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * Black Swiss
Affected Genes: Mmp14
Genomic Alteration: tm1Hbh
Reference: PMID:23685250, PMID:10520996, PMID:14610065
Notes: abnormal Meckel's cartilage morphology, abnormal joint morphology, abnormal chondrocyte morphology, abnormal cartilage development, abnormal bone remodeling, abnormal osteoclast physiology, abnormal parietal bone morphology, decreased bone mineral density, arthritis, abnormal long bone epiphyseal plate morphology, abnormal forelimb morphology, disproportionate dwarf, abnormal orbit morphology, decreased body size, postnatal lethality, incomplete penetrance, premature death, abnormal trabecular bone morphology, abnormal long bone morphology, abnormal skeleton development, domed cranium, decreased body weight, hypoactivity, skin fibrosis, abnormal fontanelle morphology, lordosis, abnormal skeleton physiology, abnormal bone ossification, osteoporosis, abnormal chondrocyte morphology, focal hair loss, short snout, abnormal cranium morphology, abnormal cranial suture morphology, cachexia, absent sexual maturation, abnormal interparietal bone morphology, abnormal parietal bone morphology, abnormal neurocranium morphology, abnormal osteoclast physiology, skeletal muscle fibrosis, delayed bone ossification, decreased length of long bones, abnormal cartilage morphology, kyphosis, impaired osteoblast differentiation, abnormal skeleton development Allele Detail: Targeted

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Cite this RRID:IMSR_CMMR:312H11

Source Database: IMSR, catalog # CMMR:312H11
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: Dido1
Genomic Alteration: Gt (312H11) Cmhd
Notes: gene symbol note: death inducer-obliterator 1; unclassified: gene trap 312H11, Centre for Modeling Human Disease

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Cite this RRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST11692G7

Source Database: IMSR, catalog # TIGM:IST11692G7
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: Nmnat2
Genomic Alteration: Gt(IST11692G7)Tigm
Notes: gene symbol note: nicotinamide nucleotide adenylyltransferase 2; unclassified: gene trap IST11692G7, Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine

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Cite this RRID:IMSR_CMMR:PST29636

Source Database: IMSR, catalog # CMMR:PST29636
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: Rps19
Genomic Alteration: Gt (PST29636) Mfgc
Notes: gene symbol note: ribosomal protein S19; unclassified: gene trap PST29636, Mammalian Functional Genomics Centre

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Cite this RRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST12468B1

Source Database: IMSR, catalog # TIGM:IST12468B1
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: Aars
Genomic Alteration: Gt(IST12468B1)Tigm
Notes: gene symbol note: alanyl-tRNA synthetase; unclassified:

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Cite this RRID:BDSC_47392

Source Database: BDSC, catalog # 47392
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: mtt,Scer\\\\GAL4,w
Genomic Alteration: NULL
Notes: NULL

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Cite this RRID:MGI:5521559

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 5521559
Genetic Background: involves: C57BL/6 * FVB
Affected Genes: Gt(ROSA)26Sor
Genomic Alteration: tm4(H1/tetO-RNAi:Ezh2)Arte
Reference: PMID:23712803
Notes: abnormal mammary gland development, prenatal lethality, complete penetrance Allele Detail: Targeted

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Cite this RRID:FlyBase_FBst1012148

Source Database: FlyBase, catalog # FBst1012148
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes:
Genomic Alteration: P{XP}mam[d10201]

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Cite this RRID:MGI:5532924

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 5532924
Genetic Background: involves: 129S1/Sv * C57BL/6J
Affected Genes: Tor1a
Genomic Alteration: tm2Wtd
Reference: PMID:22393392
Notes: neonatal lethality, complete penetrance Allele Detail: Targeted

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Cite this RRID:IMSR_TAC:tf3041

Source Database: IMSR, catalog # TAC:tf3041
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: Stk40
Genomic Alteration: Gt(OST214375)Lex
Notes: gene symbol note: serine/threonine kinase 40; mutant strain: gene trap OST214375, Lexicon Genetics

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Cite this RRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST11432F10

Source Database: IMSR, catalog # TIGM:IST11432F10
Genetic Background:
Affected Genes: Med20
Genomic Alteration: Gt(IST11432F10m1)Tigm
Notes: gene symbol note: mediator complex subunit 20 unclassified

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Cite this RRID:MMRRC_000190-UCD

Source Database: MMRRC, catalog # 000190-UCD
Genetic Background: Targeted Mutation
Affected Genes: Bdnf
Genomic Alteration:
Reference: PMID:8137432
Notes: abnormal circumvallate papillae morphology [MP:0006258], abnormal fungiform papillae morphology [MP:0006257], decreased tongue size [MP:0009907], abnormal gustatory papillae taste bud morphology [MP:0006260], shortened head [MP:0000435], decreased body size [MP:0001265], complete postnatal lethality [MP:0011085], abnormal neuron differentiation [MP:0009937], abnormal cerebellum external granule cell layer morphology [MP:0000872], small mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus [MP:0000907], abnormal cranial ganglia morphology [MP:0001081], small petrosal ganglion [MP:0001085], abnormal vestibular ganglion morphology [MP:0002856], abnormal somatic sensory system morphology [MP:0000959], decreased sensory neuron number [MP:0000966], abnormal sensory ganglion morphology [MP:0000960], small geniculate ganglion [MP:0001083], small nodose ganglion [MP:0001088], small dorsal root ganglion [MP:0000964], abnormal motor capabilities/coordination/movement [MP:0002066], impaired righting response [MP:0001523], ataxia [MP:0001393], hunched posture [MP:0001505], abnormal locomotor activation [MP:0003313], spinning [MP:0001411], decreased pulmonary respiratory rate [MP:0005574], obese [MP:0001261] Research areas: Apoptosis, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Neurobiology; Mutation type: Targeted Mutation

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