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This is the Resource Identification Portal, supporting NIH's new guidelines for Rigor and Transparency in biomedical publications. Authors are instructed to authenticate key biological resources: Antibodies, Model Organisms, and Tools (software, databases, services), by finding or generating stable unique identifiers. We appreciate your patience and any feedback. If you experience any difficulties, please contact us at rii-help at scicrunch.org or just click on 'report an issue ' below and we will help you obtain the appropriate identifiers.

Getting Started

The Resource Identification Portal was created in support of the Resource Identification Initiative, which aims to promote research resource identification, discovery, and reuse. The portal offers a central location for obtaining and exploring Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) - persistent and unique identifiers for referencing a research resource. A critical goal of the RII is the widespread adoption of RRIDs to cite resources in the biomedical literature and other places that reference their generation or use. RRIDs use established community identifiers where they exist, and are cross-referenced in our system where more than one identifier exists for a single resource. Some examples are shown below, which are linked to metadata about each resource:

       Antibody: RRID:AB_90755

       Organism: RRID:RGD_4139885

       Cell Line: RRID:CVCL_0033

       Tool: RRID:SCR_007358

To ensure they are recognizable, unique, and traceable, identifiers are prefixed with " RRID: ", followed by a second tag that indicates the source authority that provided it (e.g. "AB" for the Antibody Registry, "CVCL" for the Cellosaurus, "RGD" for Rat Genome Database, "SCR" for the scicrunch registry of tools).

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