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Rabbit Anti-Fis1 Polyclonal Antibody, Unconjugated


Antibody ID


Target Antigen

FIS1 human, mouse, rat

Proper Citation

(Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-98900, RRID:AB_2246809)


polyclonal antibody




Discontinued: 2016; validation status unknown check with seller; recommendations: western blot, ELISA, immunoprecipitation, immunocytochemistry

Host Organism



Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Cat Num


Publications that use this research resource

Drp1 Mitochondrial Fission in D1 Neurons Mediates Behavioral and Cellular Plasticity during Early Cocaine Abstinence.

  • Chandra R
  • Neuron
  • 2017 Dec 20

Literature context:


Altered brain energy homeostasis is a key adaptation occurring in the cocaine-addicted brain, but the effect of cocaine on the fundamental source of energy, mitochondria, is unknown. We demonstrate an increase of dynamin-related protein-1 (Drp1), the mitochondrial fission mediator, in nucleus accumbens (NAc) after repeated cocaine exposure and in cocaine-dependent individuals. Mdivi-1, a demonstrated fission inhibitor, blunts cocaine seeking and locomotor sensitization, while blocking c-Fos induction and excitatory input onto dopamine receptor-1 (D1) containing NAc medium spiny neurons (MSNs). Drp1 and fission promoting Drp1 are increased in D1-MSNs, consistent with increased smaller mitochondria in D1-MSN dendrites after repeated cocaine. Knockdown of Drp1 in D1-MSNs blocks drug seeking after cocaine self-administration, while enhancing the fission promoting Drp1 enhances seeking after long-term abstinence from cocaine. We demonstrate a role for altered mitochondrial fission in the NAc, during early cocaine abstinence, suggesting potential therapeutic treatment of disrupting mitochondrial fission in cocaine addiction.

Funding information:
  • NCI NIH HHS - R01 CA140198(United States)
  • NIAAA NIH HHS - R01 AA024845()
  • NIDA NIH HHS - R01 DA037257()
  • NIDA NIH HHS - R01 DA038613()
  • NIGMS NIH HHS - R25 GM055036()
  • NIGMS NIH HHS - SC2 GM109811()