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Antibody Name
RRID:AB_2223041 RRID Copied  
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(Millipore Cat# MAB1501, RRID:AB_2223041)
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Antibody Information

URL: http://antibodyregistry.org/AB_2223041

Description: This monoclonal antibody targets Actin clone C4

Antibody Name: Anti-Actin, clone C4 antibody

Proper Citation: (Millipore Cat# MAB1501, RRID:AB_2223041)

Target Antigen: Actin clone C4, anti-Actin clone C4

Target Organism: horse, human, bovine, chicken/bird, drosophila/arthropod, mouse, other mammalian, hamster, porcine, xenopus/amphibian, mollusc, non-human primate, rat, donkey, goat, other invertebrate, rabbit, guinea pig, reptile, amoeba/protozoa, bacteria/archaea, canine, plant, zebrafish/fish, c elegans/worm, chemical, feline, virus, sheep, yeast/fungi, all

Clone ID: Clone C4

References: PMID:17335037, PMID:19425080, PMID:23696564, PMID:23749422, PMID:24248465, PMID:25158904, PMID:25164669, PMID:25297800, PMID:25365995, PMID:25471562, PMID:25880931, PMID:26252060, PMID:26492472, PMID:27075038, PMID:27629715, PMID:27753128, PMID:27852436, PMID:27939431, PMID:28111013, PMID:28162808, PMID:28279354, PMID:28340340, PMID:28395732, PMID:28521134, PMID:28608461, PMID:28689759, PMID:28803732, PMID:28938408, PMID:28943312, PMID:28964772, PMID:28965825, PMID:29033322, PMID:29087293, PMID:29217410, PMID:29262348, PMID:29271742, PMID:29276142, PMID:29354033, PMID:29360040, PMID:29424692, PMID:29500189, PMID:29628143, PMID:29689197, PMID:29706582, PMID:29768206, PMID:29775581, PMID:29878089, PMID:29909202, PMID:29909971, PMID:30017354, PMID:30057114, PMID:30078561, PMID:30119996, PMID:30184506, PMID:30225910, PMID:30270045, PMID:30326149, PMID:30332643, PMID:30355446, PMID:30415949, PMID:30449620, PMID:30463003, PMID:30463019, PMID:30511640, PMID:30540936, PMID:30540939, PMID:30566859, PMID:30611611

Comments: Validation status unknown check with vendor; seller recommendations: IgG1; IgG1 Immunofluorescence; Immunohistochemistry; Western Blot; Immunocytochemistry; ELISA; ELISA, IC, IF, IH, IH(P), WBConsolidated with AB_11212828, AB_570950, AB_11214116, and AB_94235 on 10/07/16

Clonality: monoclonal antibody

Host Organism: mouse

Antibody ID: AB_2223041

Vendor: Millipore

Catalog Number: MAB1501 also MAB1501R, MAB150X

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