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a-CGRP (human) - Undiluted Antiserum for Immunohistochemistry, Host: Rabbit antibody


Antibody ID


Target Antigen

a-CGRP (human) - Undiluted Antiserum for Immunohistochemistry Host: Rabbit human

Proper Citation

(Peninsula Laboratories Cat# T-4239.0050, RRID:AB_518150)




Discontinued: 2014; manufacturer recommendations: Immunohistochemistry; Immunohistochemistry

Host Organism



Peninsula Laboratories

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Publications that use this research resource

Leaky Gate Model: Intensity-Dependent Coding of Pain and Itch in the Spinal Cord.

  • Sun S
  • Neuron
  • 2017 Feb 22

Literature context:


Coding of itch versus pain has been heatedly debated for decades. However, the current coding theories (labeled line, intensity, and selectivity theory) cannot accommodate all experimental observations. Here we identified a subset of spinal interneurons, labeled by gastrin-releasing peptide (Grp), that receive direct synaptic input from both pain and itch primary sensory neurons. When activated, these Grp+ neurons generated rarely seen, simultaneous robust pain and itch responses that were intensity dependent. Accordingly, we propose a "leaky gate" model in which Grp+ neurons transmit both itch and weak pain signals; however, upon strong painful stimuli, the recruitment of endogenous opioids works to close this gate, reducing overwhelming pain generated by parallel pathways. Consistent with our model, loss of these Grp+ neurons increased pain responses while itch was decreased. Our new model serves as an example of non-monotonic coding in the spinal cord and better explains observations in human psychophysical studies.

Funding information:
  • NEI NIH HHS - R01 EY024704()
  • NIAID NIH HHS - R01 AI125743()
  • NIDCR NIH HHS - R01 DE022750()
  • NINDS NIH HHS - R01 NS054791()
  • NINDS NIH HHS - R01 NS070814()