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Anti-Mouse CD3e Purified 100 ug antibody


Antibody ID


Target Antigen

Mouse CD3e Purified 100 ug mouse

Proper Citation

(Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# 14-0031-82, RRID:AB_467049)


monoclonal antibody


Applications: FN (Assay-Dependent), IP (Assay-Dependent), IHC (F) (Assay-Dependent), Flow (0.5 µg/test), WB (Assay-Dependent)

Clone ID

Clone 145-2C11

Host Organism



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Publications that use this research resource

The RNA Exosome Syncs IAV-RNAPII Transcription to Promote Viral Ribogenesis and Infectivity.

  • Rialdi A
  • Cell
  • 2017 May 4

Literature context:


The nuclear RNA exosome is an essential multi-subunit complex that controls RNA homeostasis. Congenital mutations in RNA exosome genes are associated with neurodegenerative diseases. Little is known about the role of the RNA exosome in the cellular response to pathogens. Here, using NGS and human and mouse genetics, we show that influenza A virus (IAV) ribogenesis and growth are suppressed by impaired RNA exosome activity. Mechanistically, the nuclear RNA exosome coordinates the initial steps of viral transcription with RNAPII at host promoters. The viral polymerase complex co-opts the nuclear RNA exosome complex and cellular RNAs en route to 3' end degradation. Exosome deficiency uncouples chromatin targeting of the viral polymerase complex and the formation of cellular:viral RNA hybrids, which are essential RNA intermediates that license transcription of antisense genomic viral RNAs. Our results suggest that evolutionary arms races have shaped the cellular RNA quality control machinery.

Funding information:
  • NIAID NIH HHS - R01 AI099195()
  • NIAID NIH HHS - U19 AI106754()
  • NIH HHS - DP2 OD008651()