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Phospho-S6 (Ser235, Ser236) Monoclonal Antibody (cupk43k), PE, eBioscience(TM)


Antibody ID


Target Antigen

Phospho-S6 (Ser235, Ser236) human

Proper Citation

(Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# 12-9007-41, RRID:AB_2572666)


monoclonal antibody




Applications: Flow (5 µL (0.125 µg)/test)

Clone ID

Clone cupk43k

Host Organism



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Cat Num

12-9007-41 also 12-9007

Publications that use this research resource

CRIg, a tissue-resident macrophage specific immune checkpoint molecule, promotes immunological tolerance in NOD mice, via a dual role in effector and regulatory T cells.

  • Yuan X
  • Elife
  • 2017 Nov 24

Literature context:


How tissue-resident macrophages (TRM) impact adaptive immune responses remains poorly understood. We report novel mechanisms by which TRMs regulate T cell activities at tissue sites. These mechanisms are mediated by the complement receptor of immunoglobulin family (CRIg). Using animal models for autoimmune type 1 diabetes (T1D), we found that CRIg+ TRMs formed a protective barrier surrounding pancreatic islets. Genetic ablation of CRIg exacerbated islet inflammation and local T cell activation. CRIg exhibited a dual function of attenuating early T cell activation and promoting the differentiation of Foxp3+ regulatory (Treg) cells. More importantly, CRIg stabilized the expression of Foxp3 in Treg cells, by enhancing their responsiveness to interleukin-2. The expression of CRIg in TRMs was postnatally regulated by gut microbial signals and metabolites. Thus, environmental cues instruct TRMs to express CRIg, which functions as an immune checkpoint molecule to regulate adaptive immunity and promote immune tolerance.

Funding information:
  • NIGMS NIH HHS - T32 GM07270(United States)