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Monopolar spindle 1 antibody


Antibody ID


Target Antigen

Mps1 d melanogaster

Proper Citation

(Gilliland WD; PLoS Genet. 2007 Cat# Mps1, RRID:AB_2567774)


polyclonal antibody


Lab generated antibody, submitted by FlyBase FBgn0000063


Gilliland WD; PLoS Genet. 2007 Go To Vendor

Cat Num


Publications that use this research resource

Protein Phosphatase 1 inactivates Mps1 to ensure efficient Spindle Assembly Checkpoint silencing.

  • Moura M
  • Elife
  • 2017 May 2

Literature context:


Faithfull genome partitioning during cell division relies on the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint (SAC), a conserved signaling pathway that delays anaphase onset until all chromosomes are attached to spindle microtubules. Mps1 kinase is an upstream SAC regulator that promotes the assembly of an anaphase inhibitor through a sequential multi-target phosphorylation cascade. Thus, the SAC is highly responsive to Mps1, whose activity peaks in early mitosis as a result of its T-loop autophosphorylation. However, the mechanism controlling Mps1 inactivation once kinetochores attach to microtubules and the SAC is satisfied remains unknown. Here we show in vitro and in Drosophila that Protein Phosphatase 1 (PP1) inactivates Mps1 by dephosphorylating its T-loop. PP1-mediated dephosphorylation of Mps1 occurs at kinetochores and in the cytosol, and inactivation of both pools of Mps1 during metaphase is essential to ensure prompt and efficient SAC silencing. Overall, our findings uncover a mechanism of SAC inactivation required for timely mitotic exit.