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Human PNR/NR2E3 MAb (Clone H7223) antibody


Antibody ID


Target Antigen

Human PNR/NR2E3 MAb (Clone H7223) human

Proper Citation

(R and D Systems Cat# PP-H7223-00, RRID:AB_2155481)


monoclonal antibody


vendor recommendations: IgG2A Immunohistochemistry; Immunocytochemistry; Western Blot; ELISA; Direct ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, Western Blot

Host Organism



R and D Systems

Cat Num


Publications that use this research resource

Small molecule Photoregulin3 prevents retinal degeneration in the RhoP23H mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa.

  • Nakamura PA
  • Elife
  • 2017 Nov 17

Literature context:


Regulation of rod gene expression has emerged as a potential therapeutic strategy to treat retinal degenerative diseases like retinitis pigmentosa (RP). We previously reported on a small molecule modulator of the rod transcription factor Nr2e3, Photoregulin1 (PR1), that regulates the expression of photoreceptor-specific genes. Although PR1 slows the progression of retinal degeneration in models of RP in vitro, in vivo analyses were not possible with PR1. We now report a structurally unrelated compound, Photoregulin3 (PR3) that also inhibits rod photoreceptor gene expression, potentially though Nr2e3 modulation. To determine the effectiveness of PR3 as a potential therapy for RP, we treated RhoP23H mice with PR3 and assessed retinal structure and function. PR3-treated RhoP23H mice showed significant structural and functional photoreceptor rescue compared with vehicle-treated littermate control mice. These results provide further support that pharmacological modulation of rod gene expression provides a potential strategy for the treatment of RP.

Funding information:
  • NEI NIH HHS - R01 EY021374()
  • NIGMS NIH HHS - P01 GM081619()