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FoxA2/HNF3 (D56D6) XP Rabbit mAb antibody


Antibody ID


Target Antigen

FoxA2/HNF3 (D56D6) XP Rabbit mAb h, m, r, human, mouse, rat

Proper Citation

(Cell Signaling Technology Cat# 8186, RRID:AB_10891055)


monoclonal antibody


Applications: W, IP, IF-IC. Consolidation on 11/2018: AB_10891055, AB_10892612.

Host Organism



Cell Signaling Technology

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Publications that use this research resource

Intrinsic Immunity Shapes Viral Resistance of Stem Cells.

  • Wu X
  • Cell
  • 2018 Jan 25

Literature context:


Stem cells are highly resistant to viral infection compared to their differentiated progeny; however, the mechanism is mysterious. Here, we analyzed gene expression in mammalian stem cells and cells at various stages of differentiation. We find that, conserved across species, stem cells express a subset of genes previously classified as interferon (IFN) stimulated genes (ISGs) but that expression is intrinsic, as stem cells are refractory to interferon. This intrinsic ISG expression varies in a cell-type-specific manner, and many ISGs decrease upon differentiation, at which time cells become IFN responsive, allowing induction of a broad spectrum of ISGs by IFN signaling. Importantly, we show that intrinsically expressed ISGs protect stem cells against viral infection. We demonstrate the in vivo importance of intrinsic ISG expression for protecting stem cells and their differentiation potential during viral infection. These findings have intriguing implications for understanding stem cell biology and the evolution of pathogen resistance.

Funding information:
  • NIAID NIH HHS - R01 AI091707()
  • NIAID NIH HHS - U19 AI111825()
  • NIDDK NIH HHS - R01 DK100810()
  • NINDS NIH HHS - R01 NS046789-09S1(United States)