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NCBI BioSample

Database containing descriptions of biological source materials used in experimental assays. Sources include: GenBank, Sequence Read Archive (SRA), Coriell, ATCC. Submissions are supported by a web-based Submission Portal that guides users through a series of forms for input of rich metadata describing their samples. As the capacity and complexity of biological data sets expands, databases face new challenges in ensuring that the information is adequately organized and described. The NCBI BioSample database is being developed to help address the challenges by providing the means by which data generators can organize and describe a broad range of sample types, and link to corresponding sets of experimental data in archival databases.


  • Resource Type: Resource, data or information resource, database
  • Keywords: dna, rna, cell, cell line, stem cell, biomaterial, gold standard
  • Resource ID: SCR_004854
  • Proper Citation: (NCBI BioSample, RRID:SCR_004854)
  • Parent Organization: NCBI
  • Related Condition:
  • Funding Agency: NLM
  • Relation: related to: GenBank, BioSample Database at EBI, ATCC, NCBI Sequence Read Archive, Coriell Cell Repositories, listed by: OMICtools
  • Reference: PMID:22139929
  • Website Status: Last checked up
  • Alternate IDs: nlx_143929, OMICS_01024
  • Alternate URLs:
  • Old URLs:
  • v_uuid: 618e99e5-b176-5855-9055-6076f33b62e0
License URL:
License Information:

NCBI BioSample: BioSample

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Resource Identification Portal

The NCBI BioSample provides descriptions of biological source materials used in experimental assays.