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Centrally curated inventory of digitally reconstructed neurons associated with peer-reviewed publications that contains some of the most complete axonal arborizations digitally available in the community. Each neuron is represented by a unique identifier, general information (metadata), the original and standardized ASCII files of the digital morphological reconstruction, and a set of morphometric features. It contains contributions from over 100 laboratories worldwide and is continuously updated as new morphological reconstructions are collected, published, and shared. Users may browse by species, brain region, cell type or lab name. Users can also download morphological reconstructions for research and analysis. Deposition and distribution of reconstruction files ultimately prevents data loss. Centralized curation and annotation aims at minimizing the effort required by data owners while ensuring a unified format. It also provides a one-stop entry point for all available reconstructions, thus maximizing data visibility and impact.


  • Resource Type: Resource, service resource, data or information resource, data repository, storage service resource, database
  • Keywords: neuron, morphological reconstruction, morphometry, axonal arborization, digital neuronal reconstruction, neuronal reconstruction, neuronal morphology, data sharing, annotation, brain region, neocortex, digital reconstruction, neurogenetics, neurochemistry, neuroscience, neurology
  • Resource ID: SCR_002145
  • Proper Citation: (NeuroMorpho.Org, RRID:SCR_002145)
  • Parent Organization: George Mason University; Virginia; USA
  • Related Condition:
  • Funding Agency: MURI, NINDS
  • Relation: related to: DONE: Detection of Outlier NEurons, NIF Literature, Computational Neurobiology and Imaging Center, Integrated Manually Extracted Annotation, used by: NIF Data Federation, listed by: re3data.org, NITRC
  • Reference: PMID:18949582, PMID:17728438, PMID:16552417
  • Website Status: Last checked down
  • Alternate IDs: nif-0000-00006
  • Alternate URLs: http://www.nitrc.org/projects/neuromorpho_org
  • Old URLs:
  • v_uuid: ebbd6da6-38ff-5866-856c-ce2a09a58b6d
License Information:
How to cite NeuroMorpho.Org When using any material found on or downloaded from NeuroMorpho.Org in your publication(s), please cite each and all of the following: The original paper(s), if any, describing such material of information, which appear(s) as a Pubmed link in the detailed page of each neuron; Either: Ascoli GA (2006) Mobilizing the base of neuroscience data: the case of neuronal morphologies. Nature Rev. Neurosci., 7:318-324; or Ascoli GA, Donohue DE, Halavi M. (2007) NeuroMorpho.Org: a central resource for neuronal morphologies. J Neurosci., 27(35):9247-51; The URL http://NeuroMorpho.Org (Optional) To reference a specific reconstruction downloaded from NeuroMorpho.Org and used in your publication, you may also use the NeuroMorpho.Org ID of the neuron, in addition to the above citations.

NeuroMorpho: ModelImage

NeuroMorpho.Org contains a curated repository of digitally reconstructed neurons.