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A database of all cell lines used in biomedical research which include immortalized cell lines, naturally immortal cell lines (stem cells), widely used and distributed finite life cell lines, vertebrate cell lines (majority being human, mouse, and rat), and invertebrate (insects and ticks) cell lines, as well as cell line synonyms. Each cell line is provided with the following information: the recommended name (the name which appears in the original publication), a list of synonyms, a unique accession number, comments on a number of topics including misspellings and gene transfection, the NCI Thesaurus entry code for the disease(s) the individual suffered from (for cancer and human genetic disease lines only), the species of origin, the parent cell line, cross-references of sister cell lines, the sex of the individual, the category in which the cell line belongs (Adult stem cell; Cancer cell line; Embryonic stem cell; Factor-dependent cell line; Finite cell line; Hybrid cell line; Hybridoma; Induced pluripotent stem cell; Spontaneously immortalized cell line; Stromal cell line; Telomerase immortalized cell line; Transformed cell line; Undefined cell line type), web links, publication references, and/or cross-references to cell line catalogs/collections, ontologies, cell lines databases/resources, and to databases that list cell lines as samples.


  • Resource Type: Resource, data or information resource
  • Keywords: cell lines, thesaurus, controlled vocabularies, ontologies
  • Resource ID: SCR_013869
  • Proper Citation: (Cellosaurus, RRID:SCR_013869)
  • Parent Organization: SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
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  • Funding Agency: SIB, University of Geneva
  • Relation: used by: ExPASy, uses: ATCC, CellBank Australia, Coriell Cell Repositories, Drosophila Genomics Resource Center, German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures, EBiSC, European Collection of Cell Cultures, Millipore
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