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What is SciBot 

SciBot is an automated curation assistant, written in Python that "reads" the paper that a human curator has opened in Hypothes.is and fetches the information about every RRID that it can find from the SciCrunch resolver.

        Example resolver page: http://scicrunch.org/resolver/RRID:AB_2532994

        Example resolver page in xml: http://scicrunch.org/resolver/RRID:AB_2532994.xml

        Link to SciBot blog on Hypothes.is: https://web.hypothes.is/blog/introducing-developer-api-tokens/

        GitHub repository for SciBot: https://github.com/scicrunch/scibot

What do SciBot curation (RRIDCUR) tags mean?

Curation tags are useful for the SciCrunch curators to let us know in a structured way whether there is agreement between the author, the database and the curator. Public tags include:

    RRIDCUR:Validated - If the author, database and curator agree.

    RRIDCUR:Corrected - If the author put in an RRID, but the curator found some minor error and made a correction. Examples of corrected tags include where the author either transposed some information in the paper, where an alternative but valid identifier was used. In many cases there may also be a note about what the curator believes happened.

    RRIDCUR:Incorrect - If the author used an RRID, but the curator found that the tag was incorrect. In these cases information around the RRID does not allow for unique identification of the resources.

    RRIDCUR:Missing - If a curator works on a paper that has RRIDs, but can find another unambiguous research resource the curator may add the RRID and the "missing" tag. 

    What if there is only the RRID and no tag? In these cases SciBot simply brings back information about the RRID that the author entered, but curators have not yet had a chance to fully validate the paper. In our previous data set the accuracy of authors is well above 97%, therefore while you may find an error, this should be relatively unlikely. To report an error that you find please email us using the help desk icon at the bottom of this page we will fix the error.


I am a developer, how can I get SciBot RRID data?

Public RRID data can be accessed via the Cross-Ref Event database (https://www.crossref.org/services/event-data/) and it is formatted to be compliant to the W3C open annotation standard (https://www.w3.org/TR/annotation-model/). 

I am a journal editor, how can I get SciBot?

If you have developers on your side, SciBot can be obtained by pulling the code from the SciBot code repository. If you would like someone to set this up within your journal workflow, please contact us, we can help. 


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