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Resource Name Resource Type Description Keywords Resource ID Proper Citation Parent Organization Related Condition Funding Agency Relation Reference Website Status Alternate IDs Alternate URLs Old URLs
MMPC-University of Michigan Medical School Resource, disease-related portal, topical portal, resource, service resource, portal, access service resource, data or information resourceResearch center which aims to contribute to a national database of metabolic phenotyping data in wild-type mouse strains and a broad range of mouse models relevant to the pathogenesis and treatment of diabetes, obesity and associated metabolic disorders. It also aims to foster continued technical development, refinement of assay sensitivity and specificity, data reproducibility, and transmission of best research practices within the areas of fundamental and applied diabetes and obesity research.diabetes research center, obesity research center, mouse model researchSCR_015373( MMPC-University of Michigan Medical School , RRID:SCR_015373) National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers , University of Michigan; Michigan; USA NIDDKlisted by: NIDDK Information NetworkLast checked down