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(last updated: Oct 12, 2019)

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Resource NameResource TypeDescriptionKeywordsResource IDProper CitationParent OrganizationRelated ConditionFunding AgencyRelationReferenceWebsite StatusAlternate IDsAlternate URLsOld URLs
MIITRA atlasResource, atlas, data or information resourceAtlas for studies of older adult brain. Includes T1-weighted template of older adult brain and tissue probability maps. Exhibits high image sharpness, provides higher inter-subject spatial normalization accuracy compared to other standardized templates and similar normalization accuracy to well-constructed study-specific templates.Older, adult, brain, tissue, probability, map, standardized, templateSCR_017566(MIITRA atlas, RRID:SCR_017566)NIAlisted by: NeuroImaging Tools and Resources Collaboratory (NITRC)Last checked up
MixitWinResource, software resource, software applicationProfessional feed formulation software for Windows 10 and Macs by Agricultural Software Consultants Inc. Complete feed formulation solution for professional nutritionists and feed producers. Software offers ingredient databases for various domesticated and wild species.Professional, feed, formulation, Agricultural Software Consultants Inc.SCR_017553(MixitWin, RRID:SCR_017553)Last checked up
vbSPTResource, software resource, software application, data analysis software, data processing softwareSoftware package for analysis of single particle diffusion trajectories, where diffusion constants switch randomly according to Markov process. Analytical tool to combine information from thousands of short single-molecule trajectories of intracellularly diffusing proteins. Has ability to learn number of diffusive states directly from data, in addition to model parameters such as transition rates and diffusion constants.Analysis, single, particle, diffusion, trajectory, Markov, short, molecule, intracellularly, protein, data, transition, stateSCR_017554(vbSPT, RRID:SCR_017554)PMID:23396281Last checked up
OlympusOrganization, instrument supplier, production service resource, material service resource, instrument manufacture, service resource, material resourceJapanese manufacturer of optics and reprography products specializing in microscopes and thermometers.Japanese, manufacturer, optics, reprography, product, microscope, thermometerSCR_017564(Olympus, RRID:SCR_017564)provides: Confocal microscope, Olympus, FV1000, Olympus Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope Fluoview FV3000 , Olympus Fluoview FV10-ASW, Olympus cellSens Software, Olympus IX-53 , Confocal Microscopy Image Gallery - Rat Brain Tissue Sections, Olympus Cell Software, AnalySIS FIVE software, Olympus FV1200, Olympus MicroSuite FiveLast checked up
Willoughby–Hoye Python Scripts A-DResource, software resource, software application, data analysis software, data processing softwareSoftware tool as scripts for calculating NMR chemical shifts. Warning - this group of Python scripts used to process NMR data, described in Willoughby et al, 2014, has been found to contain bug. Please see PMID:31591889.Python, NMR, script, caluclating, chemical, shift, dataSCR_017562(Willoughby–Hoye Python Scripts A-D, RRID:SCR_017562)NIAsubmitted by: Resource Identification PortalReferences (2)Last checked up
MagVentureOrganization, instrument supplier, production service resource, material service resource, instrument manufacture, service resource, material resourceDanish, privately owned company specializing in non-invasive stimulation systems for treatment of major depressive disorder and neuroscience research based on use of transcranial magnetic stimulation.Danish, company, non invasive, stimulation, system, depressive, disorder, neuroscience, transcranial, magnetic, stimulationSCR_017563(MagVenture, RRID:SCR_017563)submitted by: Resource Identification Portal, provides: MagPro Magnetic StimulatorLast checked up
TIGSResource, workflow, narrative resource, service resource, training material, storage service resource, data repository, data or information resourceRepository to share analysis procedure, data and help readers or reviewers to know more detail of this work, reproduce or make use of results they are interested in.Share, analysis, procedure, data, tumor, immunogenicitySCR_017565(TIGS, RRID:SCR_017565)submitted by: Resource Identification PortalLast checked up
HomoeologPrimerResource, software resource, software applicationSoftware tool as script used to design primers for homoeologs, to amplify either homoeolog specific or all homoeologs.Design, primer, homoeolog, amplifySCR_017559(HomoeologPrimer, RRID:SCR_017559)Last checked up
Gsnap2AugustusResource, software resource, software application, simulation softwareSoftware tool to generate hints for Augustus in ab initio gene prediction using 2 step mapping by Gsnap.Generate, hint, Augustus, gene, prediction, mapping, GsnapSCR_017555(Gsnap2Augustus, RRID:SCR_017555)uses: GSNAP, works_with: AugustusLast checked up
ExonerateTransferAnnotationResource, software resource, software application, data processing softwareSoftware tool as pipeline to make anntotations using cDNA and CDS sequences.Exonerate, transfer, annotation, cDNA, CDS, sequence, pipeline, geneSCR_017557(ExonerateTransferAnnotation, RRID:SCR_017557)uses: ExonerateLast checked up
AutoEVMResource, software resource, software application, data processing softwareSoftware tool as Autorun Evidence Modeler. Requires EVidenceModeler (aka EVM) software which combines ab into gene predictions and protein and transcript alignments into weighted consensus gene structures.Autorun, Evidence, Modeler, gene, prediction, protein, transcript, elignment, weighted, gene, structureSCR_017556(AutoEVM, RRID:SCR_017556)Last checked up
ATACseqMappingPipelineResource, software resource, software application, data processing softwareSoftware tool as pipeline to map ATAC-seq data to large genome, for example, for wheat. It splits large genome files into parts and do mapping and then finally merge them.Map, ATAC-seq, data, genome, large, mergeSCR_017558(ATACseqMappingPipeline, RRID:SCR_017558)Last checked up
parSMURFResource, software resource, software application, data processing softwareOpen source software package as high performance computing imbalance aware machine learning tool for genome wide detection of pathogenic variants.High, performance, computing, imbalance, aware, machine, learning, genome, wide, detection, pathogenic, variantSCR_017560(parSMURF, RRID:SCR_017560)Last checked up
Data BrowserResource, organization portal, portal, data or information resourceNational research resource to provide interactive views of publicly available All of Us Research Program participant data including electronic health record data, biospecimens, surveys, and other measures taken at time of participant enrollment. Data platform will be open to researchers all over world and show data for groups of de-identified participants. Data is updated periodically.All of Us Research, program, participant, data, surey, physical, measurement, electronic, health, recordSCR_017561(Data Browser, RRID:SCR_017561)Last checked up
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