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SciCrunch Registry is a curated repository of scientific resources, with a focus on biomedical resources, including tools, databases, and core facilities - visit SciCrunch to register your resource.

(last updated: Sep 3, 2019)

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Resource NameResource TypeDescriptionKeywordsResource IDProper CitationParent OrganizationRelated ConditionFunding AgencyRelationReferenceWebsite StatusAlternate IDsAlternate URLsOld URLs
ZyagenResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourceA commercial service organization from Zyagen.SCR_005295(Zyagen, RRID:SCR_005295)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_13206
Integrated Service TechnologyResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourceAn Core facilitySCR_006884(Integrated Service Technology, RRID:SCR_006884)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_13207
PerkinElmer Discovery ServicesResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourcePreclinical contract research company performing CLIA-certified DNA Next Gen Sequencing Services.SCR_012163(PerkinElmer Discovery Services, RRID:SCR_012163)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_10051
GVK Biosciences Labs and FacilitiesResource, service resource, portal, core facility, access service resource, data or information resourceA contract research organization based in India that provides services including Clinical Development, Contract Manufacturing and Informatics.contract research organization, India, informatics, commercialSCR_001044(GVK Biosciences Labs and Facilities, RRID:SCR_001044)related to: GVK BIO Chemistry Group, listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_4904
Vanderbilt Transgenic Mouse/Embryonic Stem Cell Shared ResourceResource, service resource, core facility, access service resourceVanderbilt Transgenic Mouse/Embryonic Stem Cell Shared Resource (TMESCSR) provides services that facilitate the generation, storage and regeneration of genetically altered mice.SCR_010200(Vanderbilt Transgenic Mouse/Embryonic Stem Cell Shared Resource, RRID:SCR_010200)Vanderbilt University; Tennessee; USA listed by: Eagle ILast checked downnlx_156678
AldevronResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourceContract manufacturing services company, specializing in plasmid DNA manufacturing, protein services and antibody development.SCR_011017(Aldevron, RRID:SCR_011017)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_9447
Richman ChemicalResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourceRichman Chemical offers a full range of custom synthesis and manufacturing services to life science and chemical industries. Our technical capabilities include: complex multi-step organic synthesis, emulsion or solution polymerization, inorganic custom synthesis (including organometallics), electronic chemicals, stereochemically pure compounds For our pharmaceutical clients, we also provide drug product formulation, compounding, and packaging.SCR_012183(Richman Chemical, RRID:SCR_012183)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_10291
Shipley Consulting LLCResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourceShipley Consulting, LLC is a private company specializing in advising customers on how to optimize their standard qPCR runs or focused mRNA and miRNA arrays, new qPCR assay design and post-design validation, tips on complying with the MIQE Guidelines, and how to apply automation to qPCR successfully.SCR_012251(Shipley Consulting LLC, RRID:SCR_012251)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_11030
Harvard Tumor Imaging Metrics CoreResource, service resource, core facility, access service resourceThe Tumor Imaging Metrics Core (TIMC) provides standardized measurements of radiological scans for oncology clinical trials. The TIMC''''s primary services include: Consultation for protocol design Image capture of radiological scans from local or remote sites Quantitative and qualitative measurement of tumors according to trial protocol TIMC''''s dedicated and experienced radiology staff is knowledgeable about all tumor types. Images are expertly interpreted from all major imaging modalities, including: Computed Tomography (CT) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Positron Emission Tomography (PET), PET/CT, and PET/MRI X-Rays Bone Scans TIMC reviewers are trained and certified in current imaging assessment criteria for oncology clinical trials, including: RECIST 1.0 and 1.1 WHO EORTC Cheson (Original and Revised) Choi irRC PCWG for prostate cancer EBMT for myeloma Macdonald Volumetric Assessment The Tumor Imaging Metrics Core offers web-based order entry and online multi-media results reporting for scan analyses, designed to comply with HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. Lesions are tracked longitudinally and results are stored in the TIMC database on a secure website accessible by authorized trial staff. TIMC''''s streamlined data management process can transfer patient scans: Via local area network (LAN) from DF/HCC sites to its central lab in DICOM format. Uploaded from DICOM CD via secure Internet connection from any site. Quantitative analysis of imaging studies are performed at a variety of modality-specific workstations. After scans are analyzed by TIMC imaging analysts, measurement results are reviewed and finalized by clinically-based Harvard faculty radiologists and/or nuclear medicine physicians. Turnaround time is generally within 24 hours. Results are stored in an SQL database and posted on the TIMC secure website where study staff can access annotated images, graphs, and numerical data to show the patient''''s tumor response. Independent site and central reads are also available. Since its inception in 2005, TIMC has analyzed more than 20,000 scans for 350 clinical trials, including 11 disease programs and 7 institutions. In an anonymous survey, clinical trial staff reported that TIMC''''s services are fast, accurate, and greatly improve the reliability of tumor response measurement. An in-house study of inter-rater reliability among image analysts resulted in a reliability coefficient of 0.94.SCR_012298(Harvard Tumor Imaging Metrics Core, RRID:SCR_012298)Harvard University; Cambridge; United States related to: Harvard University Labs and Facilities, listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_11619
NeuroImageOrganization, service resource, core facility, access service resourceCommercial neuroimaging organization that provides services for compound profiling, biostatistics, computed tomography, and data modeling.neuroimaging, brain imaging, neuroimaging services, brain imaging servicesSCR_012707(NeuroImage, RRID:SCR_012707)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_8908
UCLA Nanoelectronics Research FacilityResource, service resource, core facility, access service resourceAn Core facilitySCR_012337(UCLA Nanoelectronics Research Facility, RRID:SCR_012337)University of California at Los Angeles; California; USA listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_11849
MedrosResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourceAn Core facilitySCR_012400(Medros, RRID:SCR_012400)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_13041
University of Minnesota BioMedical Genomics CenterResource, service resource, core facility, access service resourceAn Core facilitySCR_012413(University of Minnesota BioMedical Genomics Center, RRID:SCR_012413)University of Minnesota Twin Cities; Minnesota; USA listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_13150
Millis ScientificResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourceAn Core facilitySCR_012437(Millis Scientific, RRID:SCR_012437)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_13319
Emory University Rodent Behavioral CoreResource, service resource, core facility, access service resourceProvides planning, execution, and analysis of behavioral experiments examining activity, arousal, coordinated movement, learning and memory, anxiety, depression, seizure susceptibility, reward/reinforcement, and aggression in mice and rats. Additional tests can potentially be developed on a case-by-case basis. The Behavioral Core also offers several rodent surgical services and assistance in IACUC protocol preparation.SCR_012499(Emory University Rodent Behavioral Core, RRID:SCR_012499)Emory University School of Medicine; Georgia; USA listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_284
Baker Mountain Research CorporationResource, service resource, core facility, access service resourceWe are a not-for-profit scientific research corporation founded in 2010. The mission of the Baker Mountain Research Corporation has three complementary aspects: to advance scientific knowledge, to develop science-based solutions to local and global challenges, and to foster scientific education. A particular challenge we seek to address is the lack of scientific career and educational opportunities in our region. We work to build an interdisciplinary community that facilitates synthetic and analytic exploration, mentorship, sharing of experiences and which provides fair financial support.SCR_012531(Baker Mountain Research Corporation, RRID:SCR_012531)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_4331
VivalisResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourceVivalis contract manufacturing services offers a full suite of services that include GMP cell banking, GMP antibody production, and GMP virus production. Our manufacturing facility has been approved by the French Medicines Agency for GMP production up to Phase II clinical trials. A rigorous Quality Management System (QMS) maintains GMP compliance and further ensures adherence to these quality requirements.SCR_012578(Vivalis, RRID:SCR_012578)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_4984
PronexusResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourcePronexus Analytical AB is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) offering advanced services and collaborative projects in CNS and PNS pharmacology and neurochemistry in experimental disease models. Pronexus core expertise is focused on in vivo monitoring and screening tests using microdialysis and allied bioanalytical techniques, biosensor recordings, PK/PD studies and evaluation of drug delivery systems.SCR_012724(Pronexus, RRID:SCR_012724)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_9000
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute Assay Development Core FacilityResource, group, instrument supplier, core facility, service resource, access service resource, material resourceCore facility that performs design, development, validation and pilot screening of biological high-throughput assays. It provides services such as designing and developing de-novo assays, converting low-throughput lab protocols (e.g. cuvette- or gel-based) into plate-based HTS assays, and access to major robotic equipment and resources. The facility also provides direct assistance with preparing screening-related grants, guidance through assay development stages, help in designing testing funnels, and generation of preliminary data.facility, la jolla, assay, assay development, robotic, consultationSCR_014867(Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute Assay Development Core Facility, RRID:SCR_014867)Last checked down
Joslin Diabetes Center Bioinformatics and Biostatistics CoreResource, service resource, resource, core facility, access service resourceCore that offers support for data-driven projects related to basic, clinical and translational research, with a particular emphasis on diabetes. The core aims to ensure that researchers take advantage of the most modern and robust methods available in the field of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics.Joslin Diabetes Center, JDC, bioinformatics, serice, diabetes, bioinformatics, omicSCR_015092(Joslin Diabetes Center Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core, RRID:SCR_015092) Joslin Diabetes Center DiabetesDKlisted by: NIDDK Information NetworkLast checked down
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