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SciCrunch Registry is a curated repository of scientific resources, with a focus on biomedical resources, including tools, databases, and core facilities - visit SciCrunch to register your resource.

(last updated: Sep 3, 2019)

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Resource NameResource TypeDescriptionKeywordsResource IDProper CitationParent OrganizationRelated ConditionFunding AgencyRelationReferenceWebsite StatusAlternate IDsAlternate URLsOld URLs
GlobalEventListResource, meeting resource, training resourceA meeting resource which lists current and up-coming scientific and medical events by discipline, location, and date.meeting resource, event, global, global event, event listSCR_013960(GlobalEventList, RRID:SCR_013960)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
PenflipResource, software resource, web applicationA web application which allows users to collaboratively write documents and books with version control and revision history. Users can write in plain text or with Markdown and invite others to collaborate on their work. Math equations can be written with LaTeX or MathML with MathJax. eBooks can be downloaded and compiled into forms such as PDF, ePub, Word, and HTML . Works can be made public or kept private.web application, authoring tool, revision control, Markdown, textbookSCR_014004(Penflip, RRID:SCR_014004)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
Utopia DocsResource, software resource, software applicationA software application PDF reader which provides a modified method of reading scientific papers. Different programs are available with additional information concerning the PDF, including Altimetric, Mendeley, and SHERPA/RoMEO. Related, open access articles can be saved directly from Utopia Docs and terms within the PDF can be directly searched, with results appearing within the application, PDF reader, open access, paperSCR_001277(Utopia Docs, RRID:SCR_001277)University of Manchester; Manchester; United Kingdom related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: FORCE11, Connected ResearchersPMID:20823323Last checked downnif-0000-07746
SciVeeResource, community building portal, topical portal, portal, video resource, data or information resourceA video resource containing short, scientific videos which can be browsed or searched for. The videos are based on published papers, talks or posters. It is free to use and disseminates research findings to the world wide web. SciVee enables researchers to combine video with documentation and data in a media rich format, enhancing journal articles with pubcasts by linking and synchronizing video explanations to their published text. Similarly, video summaries can be associated and synchronized with scientific posters to create postercasts highlighting the key finding of the, article, mediaSCR_004837(SciVee, RRID:SCR_004837)University of California at San Diego; California; USA related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked downnlx_82223
CiteULikeResource, software resourceA web application which stores and organizes scholarly papers and references. Papers of interest identified from the web can be added to the users' personal library and the associated references will be automatically extracted.web application, software, publications, researchSCR_013758(CiteULike, RRID:SCR_013758)Oversity Ltd.related to: Connected Researchers, Overleaf, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
CaptoMeResource, software resourceA software application which contains a collection of biomedical resources and assist in the management resources. Resources consist of clinical trials, publications, abstracts, patents, news and events. Users can search, save, and make notes on publications.publications, biomedicalSCR_013757(CaptoMe, RRID:SCR_013757)Vesti Intelligence Corp.related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
PubChaseResource, software resourceA web application that recommends biomedical scientific articles based on articles saved to the users'''' library. Users can search the National Library of Medicine databases and store articles of interest in a cloud library, which can be accessed on a computer or mobile device and can be shared with colleagues.web application, articles, search, cloud librarySCR_013769(PubChase, RRID:SCR_013769)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
EvidenceFinderResource, software resource, web applicationA web application to assist in the identification of articles and research related to literature search terms. The search covers full text articles in the Europe PMC repository. Relevant papers are suggested to users based on the scientific term searched and the selection of questions, generated by the application, relevant to term searched.web application, software resource, literature searchSCR_013764(EvidenceFinder, RRID:SCR_013764)Europe PubMed Central Wellcome Trustrelated to: Connected Researchers, Europe PubMed Central, used by: Europe PubMed Central, listed by: Connected ResearchersDOI:10.1093/nar/gku1061Last checked down
NowomicsResource, software resourceA web application that allows users to track new biomedical papers from the PubMed database. Users can search for articles concerning genes, species, disease, techniques, and other related topics and create a personalized Newsfeed related to bookmarked papers. New articles are also displayed in Newsfeed format.web application, research, PubMed, articlesSCR_013766(Nowomics, RRID:SCR_013766)related to: Connected Researchers, uses: PubMed, Mendeley, Entrez Gene, HGNC, MeSH, HomoloGene, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
PubPeerResource, software resourceA software application that enables users to peer review published research articles. Users must have a previous publication and an email address at an academic or research institution. Comments can be made in any article published with a digital object identifier, PubMed identifier or a preprint in arXiv. Authors are notified of any comments their paper has received and may respond to comments.web application, peer reviewSCR_013771(PubPeer, RRID:SCR_013771)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
SciencescapeResource, software resource, software applicationA web application which organizes current scientific literature by fields, people, institutes, labs, places, and historical sets they are a part of. Sciencscape allows users to subscribe to topics to receive new material, as well as provides visual representations to organize recent and most cited papers.web application, recent literature, articlesSCR_013780(Sciencescape, RRID:SCR_013780)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
Assay DepotResource, software resource, material resourceA web application containing access to research services and products. Users can create custom services, find research services and compare them, request price quotes, exchange files and upload reports, place orders, and track studies. Assay Depot regularly updates its page with new services.web application, assessment test provider, servicesSCR_013821(Assay Depot, RRID:SCR_013821)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
BenefunderResource, funding resourceA funding resource which allows researchers to receive funding from citizen and organizational donors. Benefunder encourages relationships between the donor(s) and researcher(s) as well as wealth management which facilitates long-term funding and low overhead.funding, citizen donor, organizational donorSCR_013853(Benefunder, RRID:SCR_013853)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down,
CitationStylesResource, database, data or information resourceA database that contains different CSL citation styles. Styles can be searched by name, journal title, or by example and then viewed or installed. Users can also edit current styles and save them.database, CSL, CSL editor, CSL stylesSCR_014000(CitationStyles, RRID:SCR_014000)Mendeley related to: Citation Style Language, Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
Article of the FutureResource, software resource, web applicationA web application which provides interactive and in depth reading of online scientific articles published in Elsevier. While reading an article, users can access interactive data sources such as Protein Viewer and Google Maps as well as links to references and databases. Prototypes for seven different scientific areas are currently available for more specific research, but all scientific disciplines are represented within Article of the Future.web application, research, article, tool, interactiveSCR_013812(Article of the Future, RRID:SCR_013812)Elsevier related to: Elsevier, Elsevier, Collage Authoring Environment, Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
TrellisResource, software resource, collaboration toolA collaboration tool designed specifically for scientists as a place to collaborate and engage in activities with others. Users can create and manage a professional profile, meet new people and build their professional network, find the latest news and updates in science, participate in online conversations, upload and manage documents, and host a journal club, a live chat-based Q&A, or a presentation series.collaboration tool, social network, collaborate, researcher, networkingSCR_013819(Trellis, RRID:SCR_013819)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
ConsanoResource, funding resourceA non-profit funding resource that allows academic medical researchers to receive funding from donors. Researchers set a fixed amount for donor funding which must be reached within two months to ensure the continuation of the campaign. Consano allows quarterly communication between donors and researchers throughout the term of the project. Some non-academic research is approved to be funded through Consano.funding, medical research, donorSCR_013855(Consano, RRID:SCR_013855)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down,
DocollabResource, service resource, data or information resourceAn web-based computational hosting resource which allows users to document scientific research and collaborate with others. Users can store experiments and protocols, organize and manage projects, share and collaborate with colleagues, and publish findings within their Docollab account.computational hosting resource, ELN, electronic lab notebook, lab management, collaborationSCR_013861(Docollab, RRID:SCR_013861)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
Useful ScienceResource, catalog, database, portal, knowledge environment, data or information resourceA collection of concise summaries of scientific articles that link back to the physical article. Users can contribute resources to the site and may choose to provide a summary; if they do not, Useful Science will do so. Summaries are then tagged with the appropriate topic. Topics that relate to everday life such as health, fitness, nutrition, and sleep are the main focus of the site.catalog, knowledge environment resource, summary, layman, lay personSCR_013968(Useful Science, RRID:SCR_013968)related to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
MalariaWorldResource, portal, data or information resourceA portal for malaria researchers and professionals. The site provides links to articles, news, discussion forums, the MalariaWorld journal, weblogs, events, and job listings.portal, malaria, forum, networkingSCR_013962(MalariaWorld, RRID:SCR_013962)National Library of Medicine GlaxoSmith Klinerelated to: Connected Researchers, listed by: Connected ResearchersLast checked down
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