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SciCrunch Registry is a curated repository of scientific resources, with a focus on biomedical resources, including tools, databases, and core facilities - visit SciCrunch to register your resource.

(last updated: Oct 12, 2019)

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Resource NameResource TypeDescriptionKeywordsResource IDProper CitationParent OrganizationRelated ConditionFunding AgencyRelationReferenceWebsite StatusAlternate IDsAlternate URLsOld URLs
CAMRDResource, service resource, access service resourceResearch facility of the Department of Radiology at the Duke University Medical Center (DUMC) providing access to a whole-body, commercially manufactured 3 Tesla (Trio, Siemens Medical Systems) MR Imaging and Spectroscopy System with full research capability. The Center is fully equipped to perform clinical and research MR imaging or spectroscopy studies on humans or large animals. A full range of monitoring, anesthesia, RF coil development, computer and instrumental control facilities as well as MR research technologists and physics/chemistry consultation are available to Department of Radiology researchers and their collaborators.anesthesia, animal, chemistry, human, imaging, magnetic resonance, monitoring, mri, physics, radiology, research, rf coil, spectroscopy, technology, tesla, mr spectroscopy, clinical, researchSCR_001713(CAMRD, RRID:SCR_001713)Duke University; North Carolina; USA related to: Beta Cell Biology ConsortiumLast checked upnif-0000-10211
Integrated Manually Extracted AnnotationResource, data set, data or information resourceA virtual database of annotations made by 50 database providers (April 2014) - and growing (see below), that map data to publication information. All NIF Data Federation sources can be part of this virtual database as long as they indicate the publications that correspond to data records. The format that NIF accepts is the PubMed Identifier, category or type of data that is being linked to, and a data record identifier. A subset of this data is passed to NCBI, as LinkOuts (links at the bottom of PubMed abstracts), however due to NCBI policies the full data records are not currently associated with PubMed records. Database providers can use this mechanism to link to other NCBI databases including gene and protein, however these are not included in the current data set at this time. (To view databases available for linking see, ) The categories that NIF uses have been standardized to the following types: * Resource: Registry * Resource: Software * Reagent: Plasmid * Reagent: Antibodies * Data: Clinical Trials * Data: Gene Expression * Data: Drugs * Data: Taxonomy * Data: Images * Data: Animal Model * Data: Microarray * Data: Brain connectivity * Data: Volumetric observation * Data: Value observation * Data: Activation Foci * Data: Neuronal properties * Data: Neuronal reconstruction * Data: Chemosensory receptor * Data: Electrophysiology * Data: Computational model * Data: Brain anatomy * Data: Gene annotation * Data: Disease annotation * Data: Cell Model * Data: Chemical * Data: Pathways For more information refer to Create a LinkOut file, Participating resources ( ): * Addgene * Animal Imaging Database * Antibody Registry * Avian Brain Circuitry Database * BAMS Connectivity * Beta Cell Biology Consortium * bioDBcore * BioGRID * BioNumbers * Brain Architecture Management System * Brede Database * Cell Centered Database * CellML Model Repository * CHEBI * Clinical Trials Network (CTN) Data Share * Comparative Toxicogenomics Database * Coriell Cell Repositories * CRCNS - Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience - Data sharing * Drug Related Gene Database * DrugBank * FLYBASE * Gene Expression Omnibus * Gene Ontology Tools * Gene Weaver * GeneDB * Glomerular Activity Response Archive * GO * Internet Brain Volume Database * ModelDB * Mouse Genome Informatics Transgenes * NCBI Taxonomy Browser * NeuroMorpho.Org * NeuronDB * SciCrunch Registry * NIF Registry Automated Crawl Data * NITRC * Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas * Olfactory Receptor DataBase * OMIM * OpenfMRI * PeptideAtlas * RGD * SFARI Gene: AutDB * SumsDB * Temporal-Lobe: Hippocampal - Parahippocampal Neuroanatomy of the Rat * The Cell: An Image Library * Visiome Platform * WormBase * YPED * ZFIN http://zfin.orgbiomedical, bibliographic, linkout, literatureSCR_008876(Integrated Manually Extracted Annotation, RRID:SCR_008876)Integrated related to: BAMS Connectivity, BioGRID, BioNumbers, PubMed, Brain Architecture Management System, CellML Model Repository, CHEBI, Comparative Toxicogenomics Database, Coriell Cell Repositories, Drug Related Gene Database, DrugBank, Gene Weaver, Internet Brain Volume Database, Cell Centered Database, Brede Database, ModelDB, NeuronDB, NeuroMorpho.Org, Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas , Cell Image Library (CIL), Animal Imaging Database, Olfactory Receptor DataBase, Glomerular Activity Response Archive, CRCNS, OMIM, Rat Genome Database (RGD), Visiome Platform, NIDA Data Share, bioDBcore, Addgene, Antibody Registry, Beta Cell Biology Consortium , FlyBase, SumsDB, SciCrunch Registry, Mouse Genome Informatics Transgenes, NCBI Taxonomy, OpenNeuro, PeptideAtlas, Temporal-Lobe: Hippocampal - Parahippocampal Neuroanatomy of the Rat, NIF Registry Automated Crawl Data, AutDB, Gene Expression Omnibus, Gene Ontology, Avian Brain Circuitry Database, Zebrafish Information Network, GeneDB, WormBase, YPED, used by: NIF Data Federation, listed by: NeuroImaging Tools and Resources Collaboratory (NITRC), Gene Ontology ToolsReferences (2)Last checked downnlx_149407,*&t=indexable&list=cover&nif=nlx_149407-1
dkCOIN Resource, data or information resource, resource, databaseTHIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE, documented October 13, 2014. The resource has moved to the NIDDKInformation Network (dkNET) project. Contact them at with any questions. Database of large pools of data relevant to the mission of NIDDKwith the goal of developing a community-based network for integration across disciplines to include the larger DKuniverse of diseases, investigators, and potential users. The focus is on greater use of this data with the objective of adding value by breaking down barriers between sites to facilitate linking of different datasets. To date (2013/06/10), a total of 1,195 resources have been associated with one or more genes. Of 11,580 total genes associated with resources, the ten most represented are associated with 359 distinct resources. The main method by which they currently interconnect resources between the providers is via EntrezGene identifiers. A total of 780 unique genes provide the connectivity between 3,159 resource pairs across consortia. To further increase interconnectivity, the groups have been further annotating their data with additional gene identifiers, publications, and ontology terms from selected Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies (OBO).gene, adenovirus construct, antibody, co-immunoprecipitation, embryonic stem cell line, functional genomics, histology, mouse strain, pcr primer, protocol, real time pcr, metadata, diabetes, stem cell, metabolism, tissue development, web service, cloud, embryonic stem cellSCR_004438( dkCOIN , RRID:SCR_004438)NIDDK - National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases NIDDKrelated to: Beta Cell Biology Consortium , NIDDK Information Network, National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers , Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas , Diabetic Complications Consortium , T1DBase , OBO, used by: NIF Data Federation, submitted by: NIDDK Information NetworkLast checked downnlx_44256
Jackson LaboratoryResource, production service resource, biomaterial supply resource, biomaterial manufacture, material service resource, service resource, material resource, institutionAn independent, nonprofit organization focused on mammalian genetics research to advance human health. Their mission is to discover the genetic basis for preventing, treating, and curing human disease, and to enable research for the global biomedical community. Jackson Laboratory breeds and manages colonies of mice as resources for other research institutions and laboratories, along with providing software and techniques. Jackson Lab also conducts genetic research and provides educational material for various educational levels.genomic, disease, mouse model, human disease, biomaterial manufactureSCR_004633(Jackson Laboratory, RRID:SCR_004633)related to: Science Exchange, Federation of International Mouse Resources, MGI strains, One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing, Beta Cell Biology Consortium , Mouse Mutagenesis Center for Developmental Defects, listed by: One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing, affiliated with: Integrative Human Microbiome Project, provides: Knockout Mouse Project RepositoryLast checked upnlx_63162, SciEx_9305
Howard Hughes Medical InstituteOrganization, organization portal, portal, institution, data or information resourceNonprofit medical research organization that ranks as one of the nation's largest philanthropies for advancing biomedical research and science education in the United States. Known for its scientific research and modern architecture.institution, medical, research, nonprofit, biomedical, USASCR_011281(Howard Hughes Medical Institute, RRID:SCR_011281)United States Department of Health and Human Services granting agency related to: Beta Cell Biology Consortium , FalconLast checked upnlx_98347
University of California at San Francisco; California; USAOrganization, university, institutionPublic research university in San Francisco, California. Part of University of California system. Dedicated entirely to health sciences. Major center of medical and biological research and teaching. Ranked as one of top universities in biomedical field in USA and around world.institution, university, health science, medical, biological, teaching, center, biomedicalSCR_010605(University of California at San Francisco; California; USA, RRID:SCR_010605)University of California; California; USA related to: NCIRE, ONE Study, Alzheimers Disease Genetics Consortium, Beta Cell Biology Consortium , Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium, affiliated with: Diabetes Research CentersLast checked upnlx_57854
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; New York; USAOrganization, university, training resource, institution, medical school program resource, degree granting programIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, formerly Mount Sinai School of Medicine, is graduate medical school in Manhattan, New York City. Leader in medical and scientific training and education, biomedical research and patient care.medicine, medical, school, university, doctorate, phdSCR_005793(Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; New York; USA, RRID:SCR_005793)related to: Alzheimers Disease Genetics Consortium, Beta Cell Biology Consortium , Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium, Drug Gene Budger, proMODMatcher, uses: Scizzle, affiliated with: BioJupiesLast checked upnlx_55912
Karolinska Institutet; Stockholm; SwedenResource, continuing medical education, degree granting program, training resourceMedical university in Stockholm, Sweden that offers more than fifty disciplines of medicine for study.medicine, medical, sweden, professional school, degree, education, instituteSCR_001548(Karolinska Institutet; Stockholm; Sweden, RRID:SCR_001548)related to: Beta Cell Biology Consortium , EARIP, EU-AIMS, Kidney Health Initiative, MIP-DILI, NEWMEDS, PRECISESADS, EMIF, LifeGene, Linnarsson lab Mouse Brain Atlas, uses: ReadCube, ScizzleLast checked upnlx_41870
University of Chicago; Illinois; USAResource, degree granting program, training resourcePrivate research university in Chicago, Illinois.private university, chicago, degree programSCR_002832(University of Chicago; Illinois; USA, RRID:SCR_002832)related to: Alzheimers Disease Genetics Consortium, Beta Cell Biology Consortium , Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium, uses: Research Accelerator, affiliated with: Marine Biological LaboratoryLast checked upnlx_50001
Stanford University; Stanford; CaliforniaOrganization, undergraduate program resource, graduate program resource, degree granting program, training resourcePrivate, non profit university in Stanford, California, USA for research and undergraduate and graduate studies. Known for its academic strength, wealth, proximity to Silicon Valley, and ranking as one of the world's top universities. Particularly noted for its entrepreneurship and is one of the most successful universities in attracting funding for start-ups.private, university, institution, undergraduate, program, resource, graduateSCR_011538(Stanford University; Stanford; California, RRID:SCR_011538)related to: Stanford Research Institute International, Alzheimers Disease Genetics Consortium, Beta Cell Biology Consortium , Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium, ShareLaTeX, LabArchives, uses: ShareLaTeX, ReadCube, Scizzle, Sparrho, GenomeCompiler, LabArchives, affiliated with: Integrative Human Microbiome Project, Diabetes Epigenome AtlasLast checked upnlx_44253
Philipps-University Marburg; Marburg; GermanyResource, undergraduate program resource, degree granting program, training resourceA public university in Germany which has a heavy emphasis on research. The institution has programs in a wide range of fields, most notably life sciences, nano sciences, material sciences and medicine.public university, germany, marburg, medicine, nano science, material scienceSCR_000245(Philipps-University Marburg; Marburg; Germany, RRID:SCR_000245)related to: Beta Cell Biology ConsortiumLast checked upnlx_89596
University of Massachusetts; Massachusetts; USAResource, service resource, training service resourceA five-campus public university system in Massachusetts. The system includes four universities, a medical school, and a satellite campus.public, university, system, boston, massachusetts, medicineSCR_000379(University of Massachusetts; Massachusetts; USA, RRID:SCR_000379)related to: Beta Cell Biology ConsortiumLast checked upnlx_18192
McEwen Centre for Regenerative MedicineResource, laboratory portal, portal, organization portal, data or information resourceCenter aiming to be a catalyst for regenerative medicine by facilitating collaboration, supporting research, and promoting awareness of the field. The center includes 15 scientists at five Toronto hospitals, as well as the University of Toronto, currently working to accelerate the development of more effective treatments for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and spinal cord injury. They collaborate with many other research institutions throughout North America, Europe and the Asia / Pacific region. The research is powered by a team of recent doctoral graduates recruited from around the world that are selected through a competitive process. They are a critical tool for supporting the work of McEwen Centre, allowing them to find medical breakthroughs faster.regenerative medicine, stem cell, postdoctoral program resourceSCR_004020(McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, RRID:SCR_004020)Heart disease, Diabetes, Respiratory disease, Spinal cord injuryphilanthropic contributions, research grantsrelated to: Beta Cell Biology ConsortiumLast checked upnlx_158445
Harvard University; Cambridge; United StatesOrganization, university, institutionInstitution of higher education in the United States. Private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.research, private, undergraduate, graduate, master's, doctoral, phD, institution, universitySCR_011273(Harvard University; Cambridge; United States, RRID:SCR_011273)related to: Beta Cell Biology Consortium , ShareLaTeX, CalR, dcmqi, uses: ShareLaTeX, Overleaf, ReadCube, DIRECT2experts, Benchling, Writefull, Paperpile, GenomeCompiler, affiliated with: Broad InstituteLast checked upnlx_90063, SCR_016676
DanStemResource, topical portal, portal, data or information resourceCenter consisting of 9 research groups who all address basic questions in stem cell and developmental biology with the overall aim of developing new stem cell-based therapeutic approaches for diabetes and cancer. DanStem comprises two sections: * The Novo Nordisk Foundation Section for Basic Stem Cell Biology (BasicStem) * The Section for Strategic Translational Stem Cell Research and Therapy (TransStem) DanStem was established as a result of a series of international recruitments coupled with internationally recognized research groups focused on insulin producing beta cells and cancer research already located at the University of Copenhagen. They all have well-established, international collaborations and actively participate in several international scientific consortia. DanStem is also active in training undergraduates, PhD students and postdocs.stem cell, beta cell development, beta cell, insulinSCR_004021(DanStem, RRID:SCR_004021)University of Copenhagen; Copenhagen; Denmark Diabetes, CancerDanish Council for Strategic Research, Novo Nordisk Foundationrelated to: Beta Cell Biology ConsortiumLast checked upnlx_158446
University of California at San Diego; California; USAOrganization, university, institutionThe University of California, San Diego, also known as UC San Diego, is public research university located in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego, California, in the United States. Established in 1960, UCSD has 6 different campuses.undergraduate, graduate, master's, doctoral, phD, institution, universitySCR_011625(University of California at San Diego; California; USA, RRID:SCR_011625)University of California; California; USA related to: Alzheimers Disease Genetics Consortium, International AMD Genetics Consortium, Beta Cell Biology Consortium , Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium, Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradciation (CARE), redcap-to-nda, auto-scoring, FIONASITE, Minimally-Processed-Image-Sharing, timeline-followback, little-man-task, redcap-completion, eprime-data-clean, Fast-Track-Image-Sharing, simple-t1-motion-detection, tick-tock, FIONA-QC-PHANTOM, numerical-fitting, aux-file-upload, FIONA-protocol-compliance, redcap-hook-framework, nih-ipad-app-end-point, ABCDreport, delay-discounting, redcap-importer, pearson-central-end-point, abcd-dev, LungMap, affiliated with: Diabetes Research CentersLast checked upnlx_71933
Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Massachusetts; USAOrganization, degree granting program, training resourceIndependent, coeducational, privately endowed university, organized into five schools: architecture and planning; engineering; humanities, arts, and social sciences; management; and, architecture, planning, engineering, humanities, arts, social sciences, management, science school, massachusetts institute, coeducation, independentSCR_000977(Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Massachusetts; USA, RRID:SCR_000977)related to: Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Beta Cell Biology Consortium , ShareLaTeX, uses: ShareLaTeX, Overleaf, ReadCube, Scizzle, Paperpile, GenomeCompiler, affiliated with: Broad InstituteLast checked upnlx_32884
University of Colorado Boulder; Colorado; USAOrganization, degree granting program, training resourcePublic university that offers degrees in the sciences, humanities, and social, research university, public university, colorado, degreeSCR_003114(University of Colorado Boulder; Colorado; USA, RRID:SCR_003114)University of Colorado; Colorado; USA related to: Beta Cell Biology ConsortiumLast checked upnlx_10266
Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Brussels; BelgiumResource, university, institutionSCR_011769(Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Brussels; Belgium, RRID:SCR_011769)related to: IMIDIA, Beta Cell Biology ConsortiumLast checked upnlx_96414
Columbia University; New York; USAResource, university, institutionSCR_011164(Columbia University; New York; USA, RRID:SCR_011164)related to: LINCS Information Framework, Alzheimers Disease Genetics Consortium, International AMD Genetics Consortium, Beta Cell Biology Consortium , Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium, uses: Scizzle, Writefull, affiliated with: Diabetes Research Centers , Helmsley Cellular Research Hub, lists: Residual Variation Intolerance Score (RVIS)Last checked upnlx_63913
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