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SciCrunch Registry is a curated repository of scientific resources, with a focus on biomedical resources, including tools, databases, and core facilities - visit SciCrunch to register your resource.

(last updated: Aug 10, 2019)

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Resource NameResource TypeDescriptionKeywordsResource IDProper CitationParent OrganizationRelated ConditionFunding AgencyRelationReferenceWebsite StatusAlternate IDsAlternate URLsOld URLs
Surflex-DockResource, software resourceA software program that screens large libraries of compounds including ligands, and their docking.ligand docking, library, compound, compound librarySCR_000196(Surflex-Dock, RRID:SCR_000196)listed by: OMICtoolsPMID:22569590Last checked upOMICS_01607
OmicsOffice for NGS SeqSolveResource, software resource, commercial organizationSoftware for secondary and tertiary analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) sequencing, rna-seq, chip-seq, transcript, alternative splicing, variant, mirna, non-coding rna expression, genome, differential expressionSCR_001222(OmicsOffice for NGS SeqSolve, RRID:SCR_001222)listed by: OMICtoolsPMID:20671709Last checked downOMICS_02111
iAnnotateResource, software resource, software application, commercial organization, mobile appTablet annotation tool for reading, marking up, and sharing PDF documents, Word/PowerPoint files, and images.annotation, mark up, ipad, pdfSCR_009655(iAnnotate, RRID:SCR_009655)listed by: FORCE11Last checked upnlx_156055
LC SciencesResource, service resource, core facility, access service resourceA genomics and proteomics company that offers customizable oligonucleotide and peptide microarray products for nucleic acid and protein-profiling, biomarker-screening, drug screening, and development of diagnostic-devices.nucleic acid profiling, biomarker screening, drug screening, diagnostic devicesSCR_000140(LC Sciences, RRID:SCR_000140)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked upSciEx_4449
LeadscopeResource, software resourceCommercial developer of database and predictive model software tools used in chemical toxicity assessment.predictive software, modeling, chemical toxicity, analysisSCR_014904(Leadscope, RRID:SCR_014904)Last checked up
EpsonResource, material resource, instrument supplierA commercial vendor of visualization software, factory automation equipment and electric components.visualization, software, factory, automation, equipment, electric, components, printer, touchscreenSCR_000787(Epson, RRID:SCR_000787)Last checked upnif-0000-30524
Avisoft-RECORDERResource, software resource, data acquisition software, data processing software, data management software, software applicationA multi-channel triggering hard-disk recording system designed specifically for bio-acoustics, although it can be used for other audio signals. This software uses real-time spectrographic and spectrum display and posesses a customizable metadata input tool for embedding user-defined data directly into the resulting .wav files. The maximum sampling rate for real-time display and streaming to disk depends on the type of acquisition board and computer performance. These embedded records can later be accessed from SASLab Pro and integrated into another metadata base..wav, bioacoustics, bio-acoustics, audio recording, audio processing, data embeddingSCR_014436(Avisoft-RECORDER, RRID:SCR_014436)Last checked up
Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute Labs and FacilitiesResource, service resource, portal, core facility, access service resource, data or information resourceAn organization which offers services in peptide synthesis, peptide modification, purification and quality analysis, N-terminal protein sequencing by Edman degradation, biomolecular interaction analysis and equilibrium and kinetic measurements.core facility, portal, peptides synthesis, peptide modification, purification analysis, N-terminal protein sequencing, biomolecular interaction analysisSCR_000024(Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute Labs and Facilities, RRID:SCR_000024)related to: Cleveland Clinic Molecular Biotechnology Core, listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked upSciEx_4372
GenemedResource, reagent supplier, material resource, antibody supplierA supplier of cancer and infectious disease diagnostic reagents. The company also provides services such as tissue-based and molecular diagnostics to their partners to accelerate their in vitro diagnostic device (IVD) product development and commercialization.antibody, diagnostic, research, development, commercialization, in vitro diagnostic device, IVD, cancer, infectious diseasesSCR_000070(Genemed, RRID:SCR_000070)Last checked upnlx_152371
iOMICSResource, software resource, service resourceA genomics data analysis platform which generates decision models for healthcare organizations and medical research. This service is meant to utilize data through machine learning methods.genomic, decision model, machine learning, healthcare, machine learning, medical researchSCR_000239(iOMICS, RRID:SCR_000239)listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked downOMICS_02159
OrpheliaResource, software resource, analysis service resource, data analysis service, service resource, production service resourceA metagenomic open reading frame (ORF) finding tool for the prediction of protein coding genes in short, environmental DNA sequences with unknown phylogenetic origin. The resource is based on a two-stage machine learning approach that uses linear discriminants to extract features from the ORFs. An artificial neural network then combines the features and computes a gene probability for each ORF fragment.metagenomic open reading frame, tool, resource, protein, genes, DNA, phyologenetic origin, machine learning, linear discriminates, artificial neural network, computation, scientific computing, fragmentSCR_000119(Orphelia, RRID:SCR_000119)listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked downOMICS_01492
Archaezyme Ltd.Resource, service resource, core facility, access service resourceAn enzyme developer and provider of biochemical and consultancy services. Its consultancy services include organizing proof of concepts and planning startup companies, laboratories, and analytical methods. The company also offers writing and editing services for scientific and grant proposals, as well as technology assessments. The company is located in central Israel; however, all of their services are offered worldwide.enzyme, enzyme developer, enzyme provider, biochemical services, consultationSCR_000137(Archaezyme Ltd., RRID:SCR_000137)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_10649
Core Life SciencesResource, instrument supplier, production service resource, core facility, material service resource, instrument manufacture, service resource, access service resource, reagent supplier, material resourceA commercial organization that supplies researchers with life science instruments, reagents and consumables, and lab services.commercial, lab procedures, affymetrix DNA microarray, microRNA, methylation analysis, peptide microarray, quantitative PCR, reagent supplier, instrument supplierSCR_000138(Core Life Sciences, RRID:SCR_000138)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_10652
EdgeBioResource, service resource, commercial organization, core facility, access service resourceA contract research organization that provides genomics services such as sequencing, bioinformatics, NGS data analysis and whole exome sequencing. EdgeBio is a CLIA-approved service provider.contract research organization, CRO, genomics, genome, sequencing, bioinformatics, NGS data analysis, whole exome sequencing, research, Illumina NGSSCR_000183(EdgeBio, RRID:SCR_000183)listed by: Science ExchangeLast checked downSciEx_203
Full Moon BioSystemsResource, reagent supplier, material resource, antibody supplierAn antibody supplier based out of the Silicon Valley which has a focus on products used for proteomic research. The company supplies products such as ELISA based antibody arrays, DNA and protein microarray substrates and imaging system calibration and validation tools.proteomic, array, substrate, validation tools, imaging system calibration, products, elisa, microarray, image calibrationSCR_000215(Full Moon BioSystems, RRID:SCR_000215)Last checked upnlx_152366
oneClickCGHResource, software resource, software application, data analysis software, data processing software, commercial organizationA platform-independent array Copy Number analysis software that provides straightforward yet comprehensive detection and reporting of copy number changes.array, comparative genomic hybridization, cytogenetics, copy number variantSCR_000294(oneClickCGH, RRID:SCR_000294)listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked downOMICS_02050
MatrixScienceResource, software resourceA collection of both commercial and noncommercial software products which includes: Mascot Distiller, Mascot Parser, and Mascot Server. Mascot Distiller is commercial and provides a single interface to process raw data into de-isotoped peak lists. This tool can also be used for the easy distribution of search and quantitative results to colleagues. The non-commercial Mascot Parser software provides an API (Application Programmer Interface) that makes it easier to access search results written in C++, Java, Python and Perl. Mascot Server is non-commercial, and is a collection of peptide mass fingerprints as well as a MS/MS database. A selection of popular sequence databases are available online and include SwissProt, NCBInr, and the EST divisions of EMBL. This server is best used for evaluating and searching for smaller data sets.c++, python, perl, mascot, peptide mass fingerprints, ms/ms, swissprot, ncbinr, emblSCR_000307(MatrixScience, RRID:SCR_000307)Last checked upnlx_156837
CryoCord Stem Cell BankResource, biomaterial supply resource, material resource, tissue bankA stem cell bank in Malaysia which provides and carries out long-term human stem cells and tissue cryopreservation and research. The general public can use their biobanking services for personal use.stem cell, cryopreservation, tissue bank, indonesia, asia, stem cell bank, human stem cellSCR_000329(CryoCord Stem Cell Bank, RRID:SCR_000329)Last checked upnlx_57364
AxoGenResource, biomaterial supply resource, material resource, tissue bankA medical technology company whose research and products revolve around peripheral nerve repair.commercial, peripheral nerve repair, nerve repair, nerve repair technology, nerve injury, nerve, regenerative medicine, porcine submucosa extracellular matrixSCR_000326(AxoGen, RRID:SCR_000326)Last checked downnlx_47454
NIRx NIRS NeuroimagingOrganization, material resource, instrument supplierCommercial technology solutions for NIRS neuroscience imaging applications.hardware, image reconstruction, nirs, fnir, optical imaging, physiological recording, tomography, neuroimaging, adult, infant, child, imagingSCR_002491(NIRx NIRS Neuroimaging, RRID:SCR_002491)listed by: NITRCLast checked upnlx_155886
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