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Alternate splicing gallery (RRID:SCR_008129)

Alternative splicing essentially increases the diversity of the transcriptome and has important implications for physiology, development and the genesis of diseases. This resource uses a different approach to investigate alternative splicing (instead of the conventional case-by case fashion) and integrates all transcripts derived from a gene into a single splicing graph. ASG is a database of splicing graphs for human genes, using transcript information from various major sources (Ensembl, RefSeq, STACK, TIGR and UniGene). Each transcript corresponds to a path in the graph, and alternative splicing is displayed by bifurcations. This representation preserves the relationships between different splicing variants and allows us to investigate systematically all possible putative transcripts. Web interface allows users to display the splicing graphs, to interactively assemble transcripts and to access their sequences as well as neighboring genomic regions. ASG also provide for each gene, an exhaustive pre-computed catalog of putative transcriptsin total more than 1.2 million sequences. It has found that ~65 of the investigated genes show evidence for alternative splicing, and in 5 of the cases, a single gene might produce over 100 transcripts.


gallery, gene, genesis, alternative, development, disease, diversity, genomic, human, physiology, putative transcript, sequence, single, splice, splicing graph, transcript, transcriptome, variant

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