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3D-Genomics Database (RRID:SCR_007430)

THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE, documented August 29, 2016. Database containing structural annotations for the proteomes of just under 100 organisms. Using data derived from public databases of translated genomic sequences, representatives from the major branches of Life are included: Prokaryota, Eukaryota and Archaea. The annotations stored in the database may be accessed in a number of ways. The help page provides information on how to access the database. 3D-GENOMICS is now part of a larger project, called e-Protein. The project brings together similar databases at three sites: Imperial College London , University College London and the European Bioinformatics Institute . e-Protein''s mission statement is To provide a fully automated distributed pipeline for large-scale structural and functional annotation of all major proteomes via the use of cutting-edge computer GRID technologies. The following databases are incorporated: NRprot, SCOP, ASTRAL, PFAM, Prosite, taxonomy, COG The following eukaryotic genomes are incorporated: Anopheles gambiae, protein sequences from the mosquito genome; Arabidopsis thaliana, protein sequences from the Arabidopsis genome; Caenorhabditis briggsae, protein sequences from the C.briggsae genome; Caenorhabditis elegans protein sequences from the worm genome; Ciona intestinalis protein sequences from the sea squirt genome; Danio rerio protein sequences from the zebrafish genome; Drosophila melanogaster protein sequences from the fruitfly genome; Encephalitozoon cuniculi protein sequences from the E.cuniculi genome; Fugu rubripes protein sequences from the pufferfish genome; Guillardia theta protein sequences from the G.theta genome; Homo sapiens protein sequences from the human genome; Mus musculus protein sequences from the mouse genome; Neurospora crassa protein sequences from the N.crassa genome; Oryza sativa protein sequences from the rice genome; Plasmodium falciparum protein sequences from the P.falciparum genome; Rattus norvegicus protein sequences from the rat genome; Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein sequences from the yeast genome; Schizosaccharomyces pombe protein sequences from the yeast genome


structure database, protein structure

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THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE, documented August 29, 2016.

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(3D-Genomics Database, RRID:SCR_007430)

Imperial College London; London; United Kingdom ">

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