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Allen Brain Atlas API (RRID:SCR_005984)

API and demo application for accessing the Allen Brain Atlas Mouse Brain data. Data available via the API includes download high resolution images, expression data from a 3D volume, 3D coordinates of the Allen Reference Atlas, and searching genes with similar gene expression profiles using NeuroBlast. Data made available includes: * High resolution images for gene expression, connectivity, and histology experiments, as well as annotated atlas images * 3-D expression summaries registered to a reference space for the Mouse Brain and Developing Mouse Brain * Primary microarray results for the Human Brain and Non-Human Primate * RNA sequencing results for the Developing Human Brain * MRI and DTI files for Human Brain The API consists of the following resources: * RESTful model access * Image download service * 3-D expression summary download service * Differential expression search services * NeuroBlast correlative searches * Image-to-image synchronization service * Structure graph download service


atlas application, expression data, 3d volume, 3d coordinate, gene, reference atlas, connectivity, histology, microarray, brain, rna sequencing, mri, dti, api, computational neuroscience, mouse brain, neuroanatomy, neuroimaging, neuroinformatics, ish, high resolution image, nissl, annotation, atlas, image, web service, neuroblast, gene expression, gene, computational neuroscience, mouse brain, neuroanatomy, neuroimaging, neuroinformatics

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Allen Brain Atlas API

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(Allen Brain Atlas API, RRID:SCR_005984)

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