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Florida Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (RRID:SCR_004940)

A statewide consortium dedicated to Alzheimer's disease research to better understand the disease and related memory disorders. It includes Alzheimer's researchers and clinicians from institutions across Florida such as USF Health, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, and Mount Sinai Medical Center. The purpose of the ADRC is to assist institutions in developing an infrastructure (cores) that can be used for various research projects with the goal of better understanding Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. The Florida ADRC is comprised of six cores, three projects and three pilot projects among other collaborations that utilize these cores.


disease related portal, alzheimer's disease, memory disorder, dementia, clinical, late adult human

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Alzheimer's disease, Memory disorder, Dementia, Mild cognitive impairment

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Last checked down





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Resource, disease-related portal, topical portal, portal, data or information resource

Funding Information

NIA | RFA-AG-04-011


Contact the core ADRC Administrator to use Florida ADRC cores


Florida Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Florida ADRC

Proper citation

(Florida Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, RRID:SCR_004940)

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