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Integrated Animals is a virtual database currently indexing available animal strains and mutants from: AGSC (Ambystoma), BCBC (mice), BDSC (flies), European Xenopus Resource Center (frog), The National Xenopus Resource (frog), Xenopus Express (frog), CWRU Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Models (mice), DGGR (flies), FlyBase (flies), IMSR (mice), MGI (mice), MMRRC (mice), NSRRC (pig), RGD (rats), Sperm Stem Cell Libraries for Biological Research (rats), Tetrahymena Stock Center (Tetrahymena), WormBase (worms), XGSC (Xiphophorus), ZFIN (zebrafish), and ZIRC (zebrafish). Note, the IMSR data is linked, but users may need to re-execute the search if the top mouse is not returned properly.
Note: BCBC is no longer in service, so the links may not be functional.

(last updated: Aug 3, 2019)

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DatabaseProper CitationSpeciesNamePhenotypeAvailabilityReferenceNotesAffected GeneGenomic AlterationCatalog IDBackground
MGIRRID:MGI:6276631Mus musculusPlk2tm1Elan/Plk2tm1ElanAvailability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: TargetedPlk2tm1Elan6276631involves: 129 * C57BL/6NTac
MGIRRID:MGI:3036064Mus musculusMwq3DU6i/Mwq3DU6iabnormal muscle morphologyAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:11116089Allele Detail: QTLMwq3DU6i3036064involves: DBA/2J * DU6i
MGIRRID:MGI:2682412Mus musculusLith24DBA/2J/Lith24DBA/2JgallstonesAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:12810825Allele Detail: QTLLith24DBA/2J2682412involves: CAST/Ei * DBA/2J
MGIRRID:MGI:6280000Mus musculusTdrd6tm1Jess/Tdrd6tm1JessAvailability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: TargetedTdrd6tm1Jess6280000involves: 129
MGIRRID:MGI:5302389Mus musculusNrarptm1Vlcg/Nrarptm1Vlcgabnormal induced retinal neovascularizationAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:21498671Allele Detail: TargetedNrarptm1Vlcg5302389involves: 129 * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3574885Mus musculusMtnr1atm1Rep/Mtnr1atm1Repabnormal neuron physiologyAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:9247266Allele Detail: TargetedMtnr1atm1Rep3574885involves: 129S4/SvJae * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:5759322Mus musculusLyplal1tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi/Lyplal1+Availability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: TargetedLyplal1tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi5759322C57BL/6N-Lyplal1/Ucd
MGIRRID:MGI:5707200Mus musculusSpag17tm1c(KOMP)Wtsi/Spag17tm1c(KOMP)Wtsiprenatal lethality, complete penetranceAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:23418344Allele Detail: TargetedSpag17tm1c(KOMP)Wtsi5707200involves: 129S4/SvJaeSor * C57BL/6J * C57BL/6N
MGIRRID:MGI:2678104Mus musculusEae26B10.RIII/Eae26RIIIS/Jincreased susceptibility to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:11751755Allele Detail: QTLEae26RIIIS/J; B10.RIII2678104involves: B10.RIII * RIIIS/J
MGIRRID:MGI:3582953Mus musculusBicc1jcpk/Bicc1+kidney cystsAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:7723240Allele Detail: Chemically induced (other)Bicc1jcpk3582953involves: 101 * C3H * T STOCK
MGIRRID:MGI:3849430Mus musculusMfngtm1Seco/Mfngtm1Secono abnormal phenotype detectedAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:19479951Allele Detail: TargetedMfngtm1Seco3849430involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6J * FVB/N
MGIRRID:MGI:5586708Mus musculusSnapintm1Zhs/Snapintm1Zhsabnormal cell physiologyAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:24373968Allele Detail: TargetedSnapintm1Zhs5586708involves: 129S6/SvEvTac
MGIRRID:MGI:3719897Mus musculusD17Aus9df5J/D17Aus9+no phenotypic analysisAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:9054943Allele Detail: Radiation inducedD17Aus9df5J3719897involves: 129S4/SvJae * BALB/cJ
MGIRRID:MGI:4821272Mus musculusPhka1I/FnLn/Phka1+increased skeletal muscle glycogen levelAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:5444100Allele Detail: SpontaneousPhka1I/FnLn4821272(I/FnLn x C57BL/FnLn)F1
MGIRRID:MGI:3777987Mus musculusEdnrbs-1XMLP/Ednrb+decreased body sizeAvailability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: Chemically and radiation inducedEdnrbs-1XMLP3777987involves: 101/Rl * C3H/Rl
MGIRRID:MGI:3514050Mus musculusHand1tm2Eno/Hand1tm2Enono abnormal phenotype detectedAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:15576406Allele Detail: TargetedHand1tm2Eno3514050either: (involves: 129S6/SvEvTac * Black Swiss) or (involves: 129S6/SvEvTac * C57BL/6)
MGIRRID:MGI:3843305Mus musculusDel(11Nme2-Nme1)1Zou/+Availability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: TargetedDel(11Nme2-Nme1)1ZouDel(11Nme2-Nme1)1Zou3843305involves: 129 * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:5759140Mus musculusCeacam16tm1.1(KOMP)Wtsi/Ceacam16+Availability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: TargetedCeacam16tm1.1(KOMP)Wtsi5759140B6N(Cg)-Ceacam16/J
MGIRRID:MGI:6108182Mus musculusAfptm1Ibmm/Afp+Availability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: TargetedAfptm1Ibmm6108182either: (involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6) or (involves: 129P2/OlaHsd * CD-1)
MGIRRID:MGI:3696122Mus musculusIgf1tm1Arge/Igf1+hearing/vestibular/ear phenotype, small cochlear ganglionAvailability unknown check source stock centerReferences (2)Allele Detail: TargetedIgf1tm1Arge3696122involves: 129S/SvEv * MF1
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