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  • Background:involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6 (facet)


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Integrated Animals is a virtual database currently indexing available animal strains and mutants from: AGSC (Ambystoma), BCBC (mice), BDSC (flies), European Xenopus Resource Center (frog), The National Xenopus Resource (frog), Xenopus Express (frog), CWRU Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Models (mice), DGGR (flies), FlyBase (flies), IMSR (mice), MGI (mice), MMRRC (mice), NSRRC (pig), RGD (rats), Sperm Stem Cell Libraries for Biological Research (rats), Tetrahymena Stock Center (Tetrahymena), WormBase (worms), XGSC (Xiphophorus), ZFIN (zebrafish), and ZIRC (zebrafish). Note, the IMSR data is linked, but users may need to re-execute the search if the top mouse is not returned properly.
Note: BCBC is no longer in service, so the links may not be functional.

(last updated: Aug 3, 2019)

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DatabaseProper CitationSpeciesNamePhenotypeAvailabilityReferenceNotesAffected GeneGenomic AlterationCatalog IDBackground
MGIRRID:MGI:3764493Mus musculusCamk2atm4Sva/Camk2atm4Svanervous system phenotype, enhanced long term potentiationAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:17660813Allele Detail: TargetedCamk2atm4Sva3764493involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3045949Mus musculusKittm3Ber/Kittm3Berdigestive/alimentary phenotype, variable depigmentation, enlarged spleen, spleen hyperplasia, arrested B cell differentiation, decreased mast cell number, reproductive system phenotype, premature death, lethality at weaning, incomplete penetrance, meteorism, increased megakaryocyte cell number, increased B cell number, white spotting, absent coat pigmentation, abnormal coat/hair pigmentationAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:15067126Allele Detail: TargetedKittm3Ber3045949involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:2173420Mus musculusPtch1tm1Mps/Ptch1tm1MpsAvailability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: TargetedPtch1tm1Mps2173420involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:4461059Mus musculusTg(Tcra2D2/Tcrb2D2)1Kuch; Igh-Jtm1Aigl/Igh-J+muscle hypertonia, increased susceptibility to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, abnormal optic nerve morphology, abnormal spinal cord morphology, CNS inflammation, paralysis, demyelination, abnormal nervous system morphologyAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:19483694Allele Detail: Targeted, TransgenicIgh-Jtm1Aigl; Tg(Tcra2D2,Tcrb2D2)1Kuch4461059involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:5461346Mus musculusPitx2tm1Rsd/Pitx2+Availability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: TargetedPitx2tm1Rsd5461346involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3613783Mus musculusSim1tm1Jlmd/Sim1tm1Jlmdabnormal hypothalamus morphology, nervous system phenotype, abnormal nervous system tract morphology, abnormal hypothalamus morphology, neonatal lethality, decreased apoptosis, abnormal neuronal migrationAvailability unknown check source stock centerReferences (2)Allele Detail: TargetedSim1tm1Jlmd3613783involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:5577093Mus musculusGt(ROSA)26Sortm4(ACTB-tdTomato/-EGFP)Luo/Gt(ROSA)26Sor+; Tg(Gcg-icre)23CshiAvailability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: Targeted, TransgenicGt(ROSA)26SorTg(Gcg-icre)23Cshi; tm4(ACTB-tdTomato,-EGFP)Luo5577093involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3723223Mus musculusPds5btm1Jmi/Pds5btm1Jmiabnormal craniofacial bone morphology, abnormal hyoid bone morphology, rib fusion, neonatal lethality, complete penetrance, decreased male germ cell number, decreased germ cell number, cleft secondary palate, abnormal vertebrae development, ventricular septal defect, abnormal sympathetic postganglionic fiber morphology, abnormal superior cervical ganglion morphology, palatal shelves fail to meet at midline, abnormal palate bone morphology, abnormal enteric nervous system morphology, abnormal heart morphology, complete atrioventricular septal defect, abnormal palatal shelf fusion at midline, ostium secundum atrial septal defect, short ulna, short sternum, short snout, short scapula, abnormal long bone morphology, abnormal axial skeleton morphology, short radius, short mandible, short limbs, short humerus, respiratory distress, pallor, microcephaly, fetal growth retardation, lethality throughout fetal growth and development, incomplete penetrance, perimembraneous ventricular septal defect, decreased rib number, decreased birth body size, cyanosis, abnormal sternum ossification, abnormal facial morphology, short chin, abnormal chin morphology, thin upper lip, delayed bone ossificationAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:17652350Allele Detail: TargetedPds5btm1Jmi3723223involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3805109Mus musculusGria1tm1Rsp/Gria1tm1Rspabnormal sexual interaction, abnormal serotonin level, homeostasis/metabolism phenotype, increased vertical activity, decreased aggression towards males, increased exploration in new environment, abnormal social investigation, reduced AMPA-mediated synaptic currents, reduced long term potentiation, hyperactivity, decreased anxiety-related response, abnormal locomotor behavior, abnormal locomotor behavior, decreased behavioral withdrawal response, homeostasis/metabolism phenotype, abnormal response to new environment, nervous system phenotype, decreased body size, behavior/neurological phenotype, abnormal behavioral response to xenobioticAvailability unknown check source stock centerReferences (3)Allele Detail: TargetedGria1tm1Rsp3805109involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3715486Mus musculusItga8tm1Lfr/Itga8tm1Lfr; Spry1tm1.1Jdli/Spry1tm1.1Jdlirenal/urinary system phenotypeAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:17537792Allele Detail: TargetedItga8, Spry1tm1Lfr; tm1.1Jdli3715486involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:5515881Mus musculusChuktm2Yhu/Chuktm2Yhuincreased keratinocyte proliferation, esophagus hyperplasia, increased skin squamous cell carcinoma incidenceAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:23597566Allele Detail: TargetedChuktm2Yhu5515881involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:4443063Mus musculusMuc1tm1(cre/ERT2)Lcmno phenotypic analysisAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:20377894Allele Detail: TargetedMuc1tm1(cre/ERT2)Lcm4443063involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3028610Mus musculusNcor1tm1Rsd/Ncor1tm1Rsddecreased hematocrit, pallor, decreased embryo size, abnormal erythropoiesis, abnormal hematocrit, small liver, lethality throughout fetal growth and development, complete penetrance, increased nucleated erythrocyte cell number, edema, arrested T cell differentiation, abnormal hepatocyte morphology, small thalamus, small thymus, anemia, decreased erythrocyte cell number, dilated third ventricleAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:11030619Allele Detail: TargetedNcor1tm1Rsd3028610involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:5529681Mus musculusDkk1tm1Lmgd/Dkk1tm1Lmgd; Gsctm2Bhr/Gsc+Availability unknown check source stock centerAllele Detail: TargetedGsc, Dkk1tm1Lmgd; tm2Bhr5529681involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:5433107Mus musculusFoxp4tm2.1Eem/Foxp4tm2.1Eem; Scgb1a1tm1(icre)Fjd/Scgb1a1+; Foxp1tm1.1Pwt/Foxp1tm1.1Pwtabnormal respiratory system physiology, increased susceptibility to injury, abnormal respiratory system developmentAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:22675208Allele Detail: TargetedScgb1a1, Foxp4, Foxp1tm1(icre)Fjd; tm2.1Eem; tm1.1Pwt5433107involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3843211Mus musculusDclre1ctm1Jsek/Dclre1ctm1Jsekincreased pro-B cell number, decreased B cell number, induced chromosome breakage, decreased CD4-positive, alpha beta T cell number, abnormal T cell receptor beta chain V(D)J recombination, decreased thymocyte number, increased cellular sensitivity to gamma-irradiation, spleen hypoplasia, decreased pre-B cell number, decreased double-positive T cell number, abnormal immunoglobulin heavy chain V(D)J recombination, decreased CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell numberAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:19349461Allele Detail: TargetedDclre1ctm1Jsek3843211involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3029485Mus musculusFaptm1Schn/Faptm1Schnno abnormal phenotype detectedAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:10629066Allele Detail: TargetedFaptm1Schn3029485involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3510670Mus musculusIrs2tm2Mfw/Irs2tm2Mfw; Irs1tm1Jos/Irs1+; Tg(Ins2-cre)25Mgnhyperglycemia, decreased body weight, abnormal pancreatic beta cell morphology, decreased circulating insulin levelAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:15467829Allele Detail: Transgenic, TargetedTg(Ins2-cre)25Mgn, Irs1, Irs2Tg(Ins2-cre)25Mgn; tm2Mfw; tm1Jos3510670involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:3029864Mus musculusAdartm2Phs/Adartm2Phsimpaired hematopoiesis, small liver, abnormal liver development, embryonic lethality during organogenesis, complete penetrance, absent common myeloid progenitor cells, embryonic growth retardationAvailability unknown check source stock centerPMID:14615479Allele Detail: TargetedAdartm2Phs3029864involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
MGIRRID:MGI:2680800Mus musculusClcn7tm2Tjj/Clcn7tm2Tjjabnormal osteoclast morphology, increased osteoblast cell number, abnormal head morphology, abnormal autophagy, increased trabecular bone volume, abnormal bone marrow cavity morphology, abnormal osteoclast morphology, retinal degeneration, decreased body size, osteopetrosis, osteopetrosis, abnormal hair shaft melanin granule distribution, optic nerve degeneration, abnormal osteoclast physiology, postnatal lethality, incomplete penetrance, failure of tooth eruption, abnormal bone ossification, short limbs, abnormal coat/hair pigmentation, retinal degenerationAvailability unknown check source stock centerReferences (2)Allele Detail: TargetedClcn7tm2Tjj2680800involves: 129S1/Sv * 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6
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