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Integrated Animals is a virtual database currently indexing available animal strains and mutants from: AGSC (Ambystoma), BCBC (mice), BDSC (flies), European Xenopus Resource Center (frog), The National Xenopus Resource (frog), Xenopus Express (frog), CWRU Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Models (mice), DGGR (flies), FlyBase (flies), IMSR (mice), MGI (mice), MMRRC (mice), NSRRC (pig), RGD (rats), Sperm Stem Cell Libraries for Biological Research (rats), Tetrahymena Stock Center (Tetrahymena), WormBase (worms), XGSC (Xiphophorus), ZFIN (zebrafish), and ZIRC (zebrafish). Note, the IMSR data is linked, but users may need to re-execute the search if the top mouse is not returned properly.
Note: BCBC is no longer in service, so the links may not be functional.

(last updated: Oct 3, 2019)

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DatabaseProper CitationSpeciesNamePhenotypeAvailabilityReferenceNotesAffected GeneGenomic AlterationCatalog IDBackground
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:031371Mus musculusC.129S6-Pglyrp3tm1Rdz/Jlive mousegene symbol note: peptidoglycan recognition protein 3; mutant strain, congenic strain: targeted mutation 1, Roman DziarskiPglyrp3tm1RdzJAX:031371
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:030211Mus musculusB6.Cg-Npytm1.1(flpo)Hze/Jlive mousegene symbol note: neuropeptide Y; congenic strain, mutant strain: targeted mutation 1.1, Hongkui Zeng, targeted mutation 1.1, Hongkui ZengNpytm1.1(flpo)Hze, tm1.1(flpo)HzeJAX:030211
IMSRRRID:IMSR_RBRC02778Mus musculusB6.Cg-Lystbg-J Foxn1nu/NrsRbrclive mousegene symbol note: forkhead box N1, lysosomal trafficking regulator; coisogenic strain, congenic strain, mutant strain: nude, beige JacksonFoxn1, Lystnu, bg-JRBRC02778
IMSRRRID:IMSR_GPT:T007423Mus musculusB6/JGpt-Bidem1Cd/Gptlive mousecoisogenic strain, mutant strain:GPT:T007423
IMSRRRID:IMSR_EM:11195Mus musculusC57BL/6NTac-Kcnk13em2(IMPC)H/Hlive mousegene symbol note: potassium channel, subfamily K, member 13; mutant strain: endonuclease-mediated mutation 2, HarwellKcnk13em2(IMPC)HEM:11195
IMSRRRID:IMSR_GPT:T011349Mus musculusB6/JGpt-Fmo2em1Cd/Gptlive mousemutant strain, coisogenic strain:GPT:T011349
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:033331Mus musculusFVB/N-Tg(Tbx4-cre)6Kras/Jlive mousegene symbol note: transgene insertion 6, Mark Krasnow; coisogenic strain, mutant strain: transgene insertion 6, Mark KrasnowTg(Tbx4-cre)6KrasTg(Tbx4-cre)6KrasJAX:033331
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:031329Mus musculusB6.Cg-+Bmp5se-30DThWb/Myo5adBmp5se/Jlive mousegene symbol note: bone morphogenetic protein 5, bone morphogenetic protein 5, myosin VA; mutant strain, congenic strain: short ear 30DThWb, short ear, diluteBmp5, Bmp5, Myo5ase-30DThWb, se, dJAX:031329
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:024756Mus musculusSTOCK Foxo1tm1Rdp/Jlive mousegene symbol note: forkhead box O1; mutant stock: targeted mutation 1, Ronald DePinhoFoxo1tm1RdpJAX:024756
IMSRRRID:IMSR_GPT:T006071Mus musculusB6/JGpt-Gprc5aem1Cd2013in56/Gptlive mousemutant strain, coisogenic strain:GPT:T006071
IMSRRRID:IMSR_RBRC09551Mus musculusSTOCK Tg(Chrm4-tTA)Kftnklive mousegene symbol note: transgene insertion 1, Kenji Tanaka, tetracycline-controlled transactivator protein; mutant stock: transgene insertion, Kenji Tanaka, tetracycline-controlled transactivator proteinTg(Chrm4-tTA), tTATg(Chrm4-tTA)Kftnk, tTARBRC09551
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:017708Mus musculusC;129S4-Rag2tm1.1Flv Csf1tm1(CSF1)Flv Il2rgtm1.1Flv/Jlive mousegene symbol note: colony stimulating factor 1 (macrophage), colony stimulating factor 1, interleukin 2 receptor, gamma chain, recombination activating gene 2; mutant stock: targeted mutation 1, Richard A Flavell, targeted mutation 1, Richard A Flavell, targeted mutation 1.1, Richard A Flavell, targeted mutation 1.1, Richard A FlavellCsf1, CSF1, Il2rg, Rag2tm1(CSF1)Flv, tm1(CSF1)Flv, tm1.1Flv, tm1.1FlvJAX:017708
IMSRRRID:IMSR_RBRC10083Mus musculusC57BL/6-Map3k5tm3.1Hijolive mousegene symbol note: mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 5; mutant strain: targeted mutation 3.1, Hidenori IchijoMap3k5tm3.1HijoRBRC10083
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:019100Mus musculusB6N.Cg-Tg(ACTFLPe)9205Dym/CjDswJlive mousegene symbol note: actin beta, transgene insertion 9205, Susan Dymecki; congenic strain, mutant strain: transgene insertion 9205, Susan Dymecki, transgene insertion 9205, Susan Dymecki, transgene insertion 9205, Susan DymeckiACTB, Tg(ACTFLPe)9205DymTg(ACTFLPe)9205Dym, Tg(ACTFLPe)9205Dym, Tg(ACTFLPe)9205DymJAX:019100
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:021237Mus musculusCC003/UncJlive mouserecombinant inbred:JAX:021237
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:032893Mus musculusC57BL/6NJ-Insyn2aem1(IMPC)J/Mmjaxlive mousegene symbol note: inhibitory synaptic factor 2A; mutant strain, coisogenic strain: endonuclease-mediated mutation 1, JacksonInsyn2aem1(IMPC)JJAX:032893
IMSRRRID:IMSR_GPT:T006923Mus musculusB6/JGpt-Tg(Prickle1-iCre)/Gptlive mousemutant strain, coisogenic strain:GPT:T006923
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:005319Mus musculusB6.129-Cdh1tm2Kem/Jlive mousegene symbol note: cadherin 1; congenic strain, mutant strain: targeted mutation 2, Rolf KemlerCdh1tm2KemJAX:005319
IMSRRRID:IMSR_JAX:033609Mus musculusC57BL/6J-Tg(CD2-C5ar2)9Hgr/Jlive mousegene symbol note: transgenic insertion 9, Peter Heeger; coisogenic strain, mutant strain: transgenic insertion 9, Peter HeegerTg(CD2-C5ar2)9HgrTg(CD2-C5ar2)9HgrJAX:033609
IMSRRRID:IMSR_GPT:T006108Mus musculusB6/JGpt-C5ar2em1Cd/Gptlive mousemutant strain, coisogenic strain:GPT:T006108
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