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Integrated: Animals

Integrated Animals is a virtual database currently indexing available animal strains and mutants from: AGSC (Ambystoma), BCBC (mice), BDSC (flies), CWRU Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Models (mice), DGGR (flies), FlyBase (flies), IMSR (mice), MGI (mice), MMRRC (mice), NSRRC (pig), NXR (Xenopus), RGD (rats), Sperm Stem Cell Libraries for Biological Research (rats), Tetrahymena Stock Center (Tetrahymena), WormBase (worms), XGSC (Xiphophorus), ZFIN (zebrafish), and ZIRC (zebrafish). Note, the IMSR data is linked, but users may need to re-execute the search if the top mouse is not returned properly.
Note: BCBC is no longer in service, so the links may not be functional.

(last updated: Jun 9, 2018)

Organism Physical Resource or Software Tool

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DatabaseProper CitationSpeciesNamePhenotypeAvailabilityReferenceNotesAffected GeneGenomic AlterationCatalog IDBackground
WBRRID:WB-STRAIN:RB1807Caenorhabditis elegansF55G11.2(ok2341) IV.livemutagen: EMS; outcrossed: x0; other notes: F55G11.2. Homozygous. Outer Left Sequence: ATGGCATTTGTTAAGCCCTG. Outer Right Sequence: TAGCTTGTCGTTGTCGTTGC. Inner Left Sequence: TTTGTGTTGTTTGGCTCGTC. Inner Right Sequence: CTTGCGGTCCAAAAGACATT. Inner Primer PCR Length: 2122 bp. Deletion Size: 1155 bp. Deletion left flank: ACTAGCTTCCAAGTTGACTATATTAATATT. Deletion right flank: ACTGTAATTCACAAATTTTAGATAAGTTAA. Insertion Sequence: TTGACTATATTAAT."|"Made_by: OMRF Knockout Group"|"This strain was provided by the C. elegans Gene Knockout Project at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, which was part of the International C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium, which should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from its use.WBGene00010123(F55G11.2)WBVar00093494(ok2341)RB1807
MMRRCRRID:MMRRC_012924-UCDMus musculusSoriano Gene Trap ES cell line S10-11B1Mutation type: Gene Trap8030462N17Rik012924-UCDGene Trap
IMSRRRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST12508E3Mus musculusC57BL/6N-Actn1Gt(IST12508E3)Tigmmouse cellsgene symbol note: actinin, alpha 1; unclassified: gene trap IST12508E3, Texas A&M Institute for Genomic MedicineActn1Gt(IST12508E3)TigmTIGM:IST12508E3
DGGRRRID:DGGR_150144Drosophila melanogasterw1118; Df(3R)ED5156, P{w+mW.Scer\\FRT.hs3=3'.RS5+3.3'}ED5156 / TM6C, Sb1AvailableReceived from the Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK.Break points/Insertion Site:82F8; 83A4150144
FlyBaseRRID:FlyBase_FBst0460455Drosophila melanogasterw[1118] P{GD10492}v34094Availability unknown check source stock centersFBst0460455
IMSRRRID:IMSR_RBRC02915Mus musculusB6.Cg-Pbwg1/13Ngamouse cellsgene symbol note: postnatal body weight growth 1/13; congenic strain: postnatal body weight growth 1/13Pbwg1/13Pbwg1/13RBRC02915
IMSRRRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST10701F12Mus musculusC57BL/6N-OTTMUSG00000011070Gt(IST10701F12)Tigmmouse cellsgene symbol note: zinc finger protein 980; unclassified:Zfp980Gt(IST10701F12)TigmTIGM:IST10701F12
MMRRCRRID:MMRRC_039206-MUMus musculusC57BL/6J-MtgxR1133BtlrMutation type: Chemically InducedAC159748.1, Ahr, B430305J03Rik, Ccar2, Gpr156, Hook2, Mmp25, Olfr147, Socs4, Ttc30a2, Ugt2b38039206-MUChemically Induced
IMSRRRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST14660E4Mus musculusC57BL/6N-Usf1Gt(IST14660E4)Tigmmouse cellsgene symbol note: upstream transcription factor 1; unclassified: gene trap IST14660E4, Texas A&M Institute for Genomic MedicineUsf1Gt(IST14660E4)TigmTIGM:IST14660E4
WBRRID:WB-STRAIN:IE37758Caenorhabditis elegansliveWBPaper00028894, WBPaper00040752other notes: For further information and strain requests please visit http://ums3421.univ-lyon1.fr/"|"Hermaphrodites carrying both the Mos1 transposon substrate and transposase extrachromosomal arrays were subjected to a heat-shock to induce transposase expression. Five days later, progeny of the F1 at the L4 stage carrying the Mos1 substrate array were singled. After a further 5 days of culture, worms of the F3 generation were transferred to fresh plates and 3 days later a single F4 worm that did not carry the Mos1 substrate array was transferred to a fresh plate. These worms were allowed to reproduce to give the F6 generation that was then subject to molecular characterizationWBVar00263052(ttTi37758)IE37758
WBRRID:WB-STRAIN:DA1267Caenorhabditis eleganslin-15B&lin-15A(n765) X; adEx1267.liveWBPaper00002839outcrossed: x; other notes: adEx1267 [gcy-8::GFP + lin-15(+)]. Maintain by picking non-Muv. n765 is temperature-sensitive."|"Made_by: S. YuWBGene00023497(lin-15B), WBGene00023498(lin-15A)WBVar00089736(n765)DA1267
IMSRRRID:IMSR_KOMP:CSD26765-1e-WtsiMus musculusPamr1tm1e(KOMP)Wtsimouse cellsgene symbol note: peptidase domain containing associated with muscle regeneration 1; mutant strain: targeted mutation 1e, Wellcome Trust Sanger InstitutePamr1tm1e(KOMP)WtsiKOMP:CSD26765-1e-Wtsi
BDSCRRID:BDSC_29680Drosophila melanogastery1 w*; P{w+mC=EP}CG30499G2186AvailableCG30499,w,yChromosome/1;2, breakpoints/43D7, 2R:7565654..7565654 (r6, Ti)29680
BDSCRRID:BDSC_50901Drosophila melanogastery1 v1; P{y+t7.7 v+t1.8=TRiP.HMJ03119}attP40AvailableExpresses dsRNA for RNAi of Lrch (FBgn0032633) under UAS control. May be segregating CyO.Lrch,Scer\UAS,v,yChromosome/1;2, breakpoints/25C6, 2L:5108448..5108448 (r6, Ti)50901
ZFINRRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-141209-5Danio rerioci5Tg; y1TgZFIN prefers authors to cite using the other (ZDB-ALT-prefixed) identifier.y1Tg, ci5TgZDB-GENO-141209-5unspecified
IMSRRRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST14862E5Mus musculusC57BL/6N-BC003885Gt(IST14862E5)Tigmmouse cellsgene symbol note: ribosomal L24 domain containing 1; unclassified:Rsl24d1Gt(IST14862E5)TigmTIGM:IST14862E5
IMSRRRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST10794B12Mus musculusC57BL/6N-9630014M24RikGt(IST10794B12)Tigmmouse cellsgene symbol note: RIKEN cDNA 9630014M24 gene; unclassified:9630014M24RikGt(IST10794B12)TigmTIGM:IST10794B12
DGGRRRID:DGGR_103520Drosophila melanogasterw*; P{w+mW.hs=GawB}NP0097 / TM6, P{w-=UAS-lacZ.UW23-1}UW23-1AvailableFlyBase Insertion: P{GawB}NP0097 NP line. Received from the National Institute of Genetics.Break points/Insertion Site:79C2103520
IMSRRRID:IMSR_TIGM:IST14616D1m2Mus musculusC57BL/6N-Sesn2Gt(IST14616D1m2)Tigmmouse cellsgene symbol note: sestrin 2; unclassified:Sesn2Gt(IST14616D1m2)TigmTIGM:IST14616D1m2
MMRRCRRID:MMRRC_015072-UCDMus musculusBayGenomics ES cell line CSH559Mutation type: Gene TrapChmp4b015072-UCDGene Trap
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