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Integrated: Animals

Integrated Animals is a virtual database currently indexing available animal strains and mutants from: AGSC (Ambystoma), BCBC (mice), BDSC (flies), CWRU Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Models (mice), DGGR (flies), FlyBase (flies), IMSR (mice), MGI (mice), MMRRC (mice), NSRRC (pig), NXR (Xenopus), RGD (rats), Sperm Stem Cell Libraries for Biological Research (rats), Tetrahymena Stock Center (Tetrahymena), WormBase (worms), XGSC (Xiphophorus), ZFIN (zebrafish), and ZIRC (zebrafish). Note, the IMSR data is linked, but users may need to re-execute the search if the top mouse is not returned properly.
Note: BCBC is no longer in service, so the links may not be functional.

(last updated: Feb 12, 2018)

Organism Physical Resource or Software Tool

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DatabaseProper CitationSpeciesNamePhenotypeAvailabilityReferenceNotesAffected GeneGenomic AlterationCatalog IDBackground
FlyBaseRRID:FlyBase_FBst0479279Drosophila melanogasterP{KK109965}VIE-260BAvailability unknown check source stock centersFBst0479279
WBRRID:WB-STRAIN:HIM-8Caenorhabditis elegansNULLNo longer indexed by source databaseNULLNULLHIM-8
WBRRID:WB-STRAIN:NR350Caenorhabditis elegansrde-1(ne219) V; kzIs20.liveoutcrossed: x1; other notes: kzIs20 [hlh-1p::rde-1 + sur-5p::NLS::GFP]. Muscle specific RNAi. kzIs20 genotype differs from published data; this information is correct per Hiroshi Qadota.WBGene00003012(lin-26), WBGene00004323(rde-1)WBVar00090963(ne219)NR350
MMRRCRRID:MMRRC_031226-UCDMus musculusSoriano Gene Trap ES cell line S2-5A1References (2)Mutation type: Gene Trap031226-UCDGene Trap
ZFINRRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-170424-4Danio reriovegfchu5055/hu5055; vegfduq9bh/uq9bh; y1TgZFIN prefers authors to cite using the other (ZDB-ALT-prefixed) identifier.vegfd, vegfcy1Tg, hu5055, uq9bhZDB-GENO-170424-4unspecified
MMRRCRRID:MMRRC_002150-UCDMus musculusBayGenomics ES cell line RRF334Mutation type: Gene TrapZfp106002150-UCDGene Trap
WBRRID:WB-STRAIN:UL3529Caenorhabditis elegansNULLNo longer indexed by source databaseNULLNULLUL3529
ZFINRRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-120131-85Danio reriosmb888Et/+ZFIN prefers authors to cite using the other (ZDB-ALT-prefixed) identifier.smb888EtZDB-GENO-120131-85AB/TU
FlyBaseRRID:FlyBase_FBst0457015Drosophila melanogasterw[1118]; P{GD11809}v27549Availability unknown check source stock centersFBst0457015
FlyBaseRRID:FlyBase_FBst1021016Drosophila melanogasterf07058Availability unknown check source stock centersPBac{WH}f07058FBst1021016
BDSCRRID:BDSC_54833Drosophila melanogastery1 v1; P{y+t7.7 v+t1.8=TRiP.HMJ21552}attP40AvailableExpresses dsRNA for RNAi of SH3PX1 (FBgn0040475) under UAS control. May be segregating CyO.Scer\UAS,SH3PX1,v,yChromosome/1;2, breakpoints/25C6, 2L:5108448..5108448 (r6, Ti)54833
WBRRID:WB-STRAIN:LS3576Caenorhabditis elegansliveother notes: For further information and strain requests please visit
BDSCRRID:BDSC_566Drosophila melanogasterkniri-1Availablekni566
FlyBaseRRID:FlyBase_FBst1006551Drosophila melanogasterc02925Availability unknown check source stock centersPBac{PB}Dcr-2[c02925]FBst1006551
BDSCRRID:BDSC_15353Drosophila melanogastery1 w67c23; P{w+mC y+mDint2=EPgy2}galla-1EY01427Availablegalla-1,w,yChromosome/1;2, breakpoints/57A10, 2R:20671492..20671492 (r6, Ti)15353
MMRRCRRID:MMRRC_005699-UCDMus musculusBayGenomics ES cell line RRU453Mutation type: Gene TrapTrip4005699-UCDGene Trap
ZFINRRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-170314-5Danio rerioas3Tg ; cnr1zf679/zf679ZFIN prefers authors to cite using the other (ZDB-ALT-prefixed) identifier.cnr1zf679, as3TgZDB-GENO-170314-5unspecified
WBRRID:WB-STRAIN:UL1638Caenorhabditis elegansNULLNo longer indexed by source databaseNULLNULLUL1638
FlyBaseRRID:FlyBase_FBst0460719Drosophila melanogasterw[1118]; P{GD10991}v34632Availability unknown check source stock centersFBst0460719
MMRRCRRID:MMRRC_009623-UCDMus musculusBayGenomics ES cell line XN238Mutation type: Gene Trap009623-UCDGene Trap
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