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SciCrunch: Registry

SciCrunch Registry is a curated repository of scientific resources, with a focus on biomedical resources, including tools, databases, materials, and more - visit SciCrunch to register your resource.

(last updated: Sep 22, 2018)

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Resource NameResource TypeDescriptionKeywordsResource IDProper CitationParent OrganizationRelated ConditionFunding AgencyRelationReferenceWebsite StatusAlternate IDsAlternate URLsOld URLs
MuseScoreResource, software resource, software applicationMusic composition and manipulation software.SCR_016161(MuseScore, RRID:SCR_016161)Last checked down
Vassar College; New York; USAResource, university, institutionSCR_011758(Vassar College; New York; USA, RRID:SCR_011758)Last checked upnlx_156917
QSRAResource, software resourceA quality-value guided de novo short read assembler.SCR_010733(QSRA, RRID:SCR_010733)listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked upOMICS_00026
clipcropResource, software resourceA tool for detecting structural variations with single-base resolution using soft-clipping information from SAM files.structural variationSCR_000678(clipcrop, RRID:SCR_000678)listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked upOMICS_00310
hivebenchResource, software resource, commercial organizationA commercial software laboratory notebook.protocol sharing toolSCR_000915(hivebench, RRID:SCR_000915)Last checked upnlx_158032
Yeshiva University; New York; USAResource, university, institutionSCR_006534(Yeshiva University; New York; USA, RRID:SCR_006534)Last checked upnlx_14293
BioCytexResource, biomaterial supply resource, material resourceA French biotech company that specializes in the development of standardized flow cytometry kits in the field of haemostasis. It became part of the Stago group in 1994.biotech, flow cytometry, haeomostasis, frenchSCR_001135(BioCytex, RRID:SCR_001135)Last checked upnlx_152301
KisSpliceResource, software resourceA piece of software that enables the analysis of RNA-seq data with or without a reference genome.SCR_011893(KisSplice, RRID:SCR_011893)listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked upOMICS_01321
R-pbutilsResource, software resourceAn R software package providing plotting and convenience package, rSCR_002995(R-pbutils, RRID:SCR_002995)listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked upOMICS_05140
Syracuse University; Institute for Sensory ResearchResource, topical portal, portal, data or information resourceThe Institute for Sensory Research (ISR) defines itself as a world class research center dedicated to the discovery and application of knowledge of the sensory systems. Integration of engineering, life, and physical sciences, combining rigorous experimental methodology with mathematical analysis is stressed. Our multidisciplinary approach to bioengineering, sensory neuroscience, graduate, and undergraduate education, makes ISR a unique academic research center. At ISR, we study sensory systems, our gateways to the world. Our ears, eyes, skin, and mouth are channels through which we experience sound, light, texture, etc. These are functions that we usually take for granted until problems arise. Engineers, scientists, and students at ISR investigate both the basic sensory principles used by the brain, and also how the sensory systems can be best utilized, modified, and repaired if necessary to better communicate with our surroundings and with one another. In addition to basic research in hearing, touch, vision, and oro-facial biomechanics, recent projects include the design and testing of sensory-aid devices such as cochlear implants, hearing aids, ear protectors, and tactile aids for the visually and hearing impaired. Additional projects involve visual-depth perception, chewing and swallowing, oto-acoustic emissions, and personal care products such as oral rinses and skin lotions. Research * Auditory * Somatosensory * Visioncochlea model, auditory, somatosensory, vision, eye, ear, skin, mouth, sensory systemSCR_003377(Syracuse University; Institute for Sensory Research, RRID:SCR_003377)Last checked upnif-0000-01969
GBSAResource, software resourceSoftware for analyzing whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data.SCR_003413(GBSA, RRID:SCR_003413)National University of Singapore; Singapore; Singapore listed by: OMICtoolsPMID:23268441Last checked upOMICS_00600
genomationResource, software resource, software toolkitR package that contains a collection of tools for simplfiying common tasks in genomic feature analysis. It provides functions for reading BED and GFF files as GRanges objects, summarizing genomic features over predefined windows so users can make average enrichment of features over defined regions or produce heatmaps. It can also annotate given regions with other genomic features such as exons,introns and promoters.genome, genomic interval, rSCR_003435(genomation, RRID:SCR_003435)listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked downOMICS_02306
jmzTabResource, software resourceA Java interface to the mzTab data exchange format for reporting a summary of proteomics results.standalone software, mac os x, unix/linux, javaSCR_003481(jmzTab, RRID:SCR_003481)Google Code listed by: OMICtoolsPMID:24659499Last checked upOMICS_04542
Traditional Medicine Meridian Value SetsResource, ontology, data or information resource, controlled vocabularyOntology of the meridian value set used in the International Classification of Traditional Medicine.owlSCR_010436(Traditional Medicine Meridian Value Sets, RRID:SCR_010436)listed by: BioPortalLast checked upnlx_157613
Xiamen University; Xiamen; ChinaResource, university, institutionSCR_006509(Xiamen University; Xiamen; China, RRID:SCR_006509)Last checked downnlx_64389
ProgenResource, material resource, reagent supplier, commercial organization, antibody supplierAn Antibody supplierSCR_006726(Progen, RRID:SCR_006726)Last checked upnlx_152433
GEBResource, software resourceA Java application developed to visualise distribution of genomic features in high resolution.SCR_007395(GEB, RRID:SCR_007395)listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked upOMICS_00911
eEnzyme LLCResource, material resource, reagent supplier, commercial organization, antibody supplierAn Antibody supplierSCR_004030(eEnzyme LLC, RRID:SCR_004030)Last checked upnlx_152352
University of Pacific; California; USAResource, university, institutionSCR_005706(University of Pacific; California; USA, RRID:SCR_005706)Last checked upnlx_70007
SDIXResource, material resource, reagent supplier, commercial organization, antibody supplierAn Antibody supplierSCR_005896(SDIX, RRID:SCR_005896)Last checked upnlx_152456
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