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SciCrunch: Registry

SciCrunch Registry is a curated repository of scientific resources, with a focus on biomedical resources, including tools, databases, and core facilities - visit SciCrunch to register your resource.

(last updated: Dec 8, 2018)

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Resource NameResource TypeDescriptionKeywordsResource IDProper CitationParent OrganizationRelated ConditionFunding AgencyRelationReferenceWebsite StatusAlternate IDsAlternate URLsOld URLs
TransGenicResource, reagent supplier, material resource, antibody supplierA commercial antibody supplier and knockout mice producer.commercial organization, antibody supplier, knockout mouseSCR_000001(TransGenic, RRID:SCR_000001)Last checked upnlx_152482
TabletResource, software resourceA lightweight, high-performance graphical viewer for next generation sequence assemblies and generation sequence, assembly, alignmentSCR_000017(Tablet, RRID:SCR_000017)James Hutton Institute; Scotland; United Kingdom listed by: OMICtoolsPMID:22445902Last checked upOMICS_00896
GenomicRangesResource, software resourceSoftware package that defines general purpose containers for storing genomic intervals as well as more specialized containers for storing alignments against a reference genome.genomic intervalSCR_000025(GenomicRanges, RRID:SCR_000025)Bioconductor listed by: OMICtoolsLast checked upOMICS_01161
PatchmasterResource, software resource, data acquisition software, data processing software, commercial organization, software applicationMulti-channel data acquisition software.electrophysiologySCR_000034(Patchmaster, RRID:SCR_000034)Last checked upSciRes_000168
Batman-SeqResource, software resourceA fast BWT-based short reads mapping tools which uses additional statistical method to model error profile of the sequencing experiment.c++SCR_000048(Batman-Seq, RRID:SCR_000048)listed by: OMICtools, hosted by: SourceForgeLast checked upOMICS_00651
Academia.eduResource, portal, community building portal, data or information resourceSocial networking site for academic researchers that allows researchers to share papers, find people working in a field and see analytics on papers etcsocial networking, altmetrics, analytics, paper, research interest, job resourceSCR_000080(, RRID:SCR_000080)listed by: FORCE11Last checked upnlx_152526
StratMLResource, narrative resource, interchange format, markup language, standard specification, data or information resourceAn XML vocabulary and schema for strategic plans, designed to create a world wide web of intentions, stakeholders and results.xml, vocabulary, schema, annotation, strategic plan, strategySCR_000081(StratML, RRID:SCR_000081)listed by: FORCE11Last checked upnlx_152542
AbMining ToolBoxResource, software resourcePython scripts to analyze antibody libraries sequenced by next generation sequencing methods (454, Ion Torrent, MiSeq).standalone software, illumina, roche, life technologies, pythonSCR_000090(AbMining ToolBox, RRID:SCR_000090)SourceForge listed by: OMICtoolsPMID:24423623Last checked upOMICS_04063
Google SitesResource, service resourceA free online service to easily create and share, sharing, authoring toolSCR_000112(Google Sites, RRID:SCR_000112)Last checked upnlx_157257
CommonMind ConsortiumResource, topical portal, portal, data or information resourceSage Bionetworks, Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM), University of Pennsylvania (Penn), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Limited (TAKEDA) have launched a Public-Private Pre-Competitive Consortium, the CommonMind Consortium, to generate and analyze large-scale genomic data from human subjects with neuropsychiatric disease and to make this data and the associated analytical results broadly available to the public. This collaboration brings together disease area expertise, large scale and well curated brain sample collections, and data management and analysis expertise from the respective institutions. As many as 450 million people worldwide are believed to be living with a mental or behavioral disorder: schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are two of the top six leading causes of years lived with disability according to the World Health Organization. The burden on the individual as well as on society is significant with estimates for the health care costs for these individuals as high as four percent GNP. This highlights a grave need for new therapies to alleviate this suffering. Researchers from MSSM including Dr. Pamela Sklar, Dr. Joseph Buxbaum and Dr. Eric Schadt will join with Dr. Raquel Gur and Dr. Chang-Gyu Hahn from Penn to combine their extensive brain bank collections for the generation of whole genome scale RNA and DNA sequence data. Dr.Pamela Sklar, Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at MSSM commented this is an exciting opportunity for us to use the newest genomic methods to really expand our understanding of the molecular underpinnings of neuropsychiatric disease, while Dr Raquel Gur, Professor of Psychiatry from Penn observed this will be a great complement to some of the large-scale genetic analyses that have been carried out to date because it will give a more complete mechanistic picture. The CommonMind Consortium is committed to generating an open resource for the community and invites others with common goals to contact us at info (at) data, neuropsychiatric disease, human, data, brain bank, brain, dna, rnaSCR_000139(CommonMind Consortium, RRID:SCR_000139)Sage Bionetworks Neuropsychiatric diseaseMount Sinai School of Medicine; New York; USA, NIMH, Sage Bionetworks, Takeda, University of Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania; USALast checked upnlx_144615
PostgwasResource, software resourceA comprehensive software toolkit for post-processing, visualization and advanced analysis of GWAS results.standalone software, rSCR_000156(Postgwas, RRID:SCR_000156)CRAN listed by: OMICtoolsPMID:23977141Last checked upOMICS_04393
EvernoteResource, software resource, software application, authoring toolA note taking software that synchronizes information such as notes, web clips, audio files, photos and video collected across multiple devices. It allows for easy sharing and collaboration on projects.note taking, web clips, audio, video collection, audio, collaborationSCR_000198(Evernote, RRID:SCR_000198)listed by: FORCE11Last checked upnlx_149450
AusBiotech: Australia's Biotechnology OrganizationResource, topical portal, portal, data or information resourceA portal to Australia's biotechnology industry organization and national network that represents members from sectors including but not limited to human health, agriculture and the environment. The organization provides representation and support to their member companies.biotechnology, bioinformatics, bioscience, network, commercial, industrySCR_000223(AusBiotech: Australia's Biotechnology Organization, RRID:SCR_000223)Last checked upnif-0000-30134
GProXResource, software resourceA freely available complete software platform for comprehensive and integrated analysis and visualization of large proteomics datasets.standalone softwareSCR_000273(GProX, RRID:SCR_000273)SourceForge listed by: OMICtoolsPMID:21602510Last checked upOMICS_02506
IndeedResource, job resourceA database of job listingsemployment, careerSCR_000292(Indeed, RRID:SCR_000292)related to: Integrated Jobs, used by: NIF Data FederationLast checked upnlx_144165
AxoGenResource, biomaterial supply resource, material resource, tissue bankA medical technology company whose research and products revolve around peripheral nerve repair.commercial, peripheral nerve repair, nerve repair, nerve repair technology, nerve injury, nerve, regenerative medicine, porcine submucosa extracellular matrixSCR_000326(AxoGen, RRID:SCR_000326)Last checked downnlx_47454
Epoch Clinical Trial OntologyResource, ontology, data or information resource, controlled vocabularyOntology of clinical trial terminology.owlSCR_000366(Epoch Clinical Trial Ontology, RRID:SCR_000366)listed by: BioPortalLast checked upnlx_157400
SunnyLabResource, reagent supplier, material resource, antibody supplierAn antibody supplier that provides a range of human antigens, serum and plasma, and cell culture reagents.antibody, antigen, reagent, serum, plasma, culture, commercialSCR_000382(SunnyLab, RRID:SCR_000382)Last checked upnlx_152472
MIViewResource, data visualization software, software application, image processing software, data processing software, software resourceAn OpenGL based medical image viewer that contains useful tools such as a DICOM anonymizer and format conversion utility. MIView can read DICOM, Analyze/Nifti, and raster images, and can write Analyze/Nifti and raster images.magnetic resonanceSCR_000413(MIView, RRID:SCR_000413)listed by: NITRCLast checked upnlx_155661
Grantees Meeting for NITRCResource, groupA website for organizing meetings for the Neuroimaging Informatics Tools and Resources Clearinghouse (NITRC), to facilitate participants meeting one another, and promote discussion of common interests and collaboration.meeting, neuroimaging, nitrc, informatics, tools, collaboration, discussionSCR_000419(Grantees Meeting for NITRC, RRID:SCR_000419)NITRC listed by: NITRCLast checked upnlx_155875
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