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Cite this (MGI Cat# 6101467, RRID:MGI:6101467)

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 6101467
Genetic Background: involves: C3H * C57BL/6J * C57BL/6N
Affected Genes: Fus
Genomic Alteration: tm1Emcf
Availability: Availability unknown check source stock center
Reference: PMID:29053787
Notes: abnormal gait, abnormal neuromuscular synapse morphology, decreased motor neuron number, impaired limb coordination, motor neuron degeneration, premature death Allele Detail: Targeted

Cite this (Quidel Cat# 20-2310, RRID:AB_2721077)
Host Organism: goat
Clonality: unknown
Target(s): mouse PTH 53 -84

Cite this (MGI Cat# 6102943, RRID:MGI:6102943)

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 6102943
Genetic Background: involves: C57BL/6J
Affected Genes: Ghrl
Genomic Alteration: tm1Rgs
Availability: Availability unknown check source stock center
Reference: PMID:19666521
Notes: abnormal non-rapid eye movement sleep pattern, abnormal sleep behavior, decreased body temperature, impaired adaptive thermogenesis Allele Detail: Targeted

Cite this (Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# N-24916, RRID:AB_2539796)
Comments: Vendor recommended applications: IB (0.2-10 ug/mL), IM (0.2-10 ug/mL) AB_10104359 and AB_2539796 are equivalent.
References: PMID:10068898, PMID:10082759, PMID:10087066, PMID:10196230, PMID:10330403, PMID:10330408, PMID:10377328, PMID:10414977, PMID:10427086, PMID:10444072, PMID:10490456, PMID:10512849, PMID:10575021, PMID:10601449, PMID:10655496, PMID:10679028, PMID:10727288, PMID:10727290, PMID:10727291, PMID:10727296, PMID:10749734, PMID:10749921, PMID:10821275, PMID:10858270, PMID:10922377, PMID:10940948, PMID:11102510, PMID:11127922, PMID:11201611, PMID:11233453, PMID:11395007, PMID:11756473, PMID:1282356, PMID:1453002, PMID:1453003, PMID:1552162, PMID:20478256, PMID:7608530, PMID:7620614, PMID:7706424, PMID:7722428, PMID:7722639, PMID:7868862, PMID:7868863, PMID:7969918, PMID:7983362, PMID:7996077, PMID:8014481, PMID:8060298, PMID:8097882, PMID:8104433, PMID:8531749, PMID:8613776, PMID:8632825, PMID:8699256, PMID:8758956, PMID:8837997, PMID:8841829, PMID:8848093, PMID:8858363, PMID:8858365, PMID:8858369, PMID:8876241, PMID:8985140, PMID:8987803, PMID:8991083, PMID:8995227, PMID:9080455, PMID:9143667, PMID:9212820, PMID:9260899, PMID:9331359, PMID:9351243, PMID:9412905, PMID:9464994, PMID:9522360, PMID:9601525, PMID:9601549, PMID:9651498, PMID:9712158, PMID:9712162, PMID:9712164, PMID:9857217, PMID:9864228, PMID:9870948
Host Organism: goat
Clonality: polyclonal antibody
Target(s): Rabbit IgG

Cite this (MGI Cat# 6102909, RRID:MGI:6102909)

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 6102909
Genetic Background: involves: BALB/cAnNCrl
Affected Genes: Fbxo11
Genomic Alteration: Jf
Availability: Availability unknown check source stock center
Reference: PMID:20057387
Notes: abnormal pinna reflex, hearing/vestibular/ear phenotype, impaired hearing, increased susceptibility to otitis media, middle ear effusion, middle ear polyps Allele Detail: Chemically induced (ENU)

Cite this (Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# 37-2900, RRID:AB_2533309)
Comments: Vendor recommended applications: Flow (Assay Dependent), IF (Assay Dependent), ICC (Assay Dependent), WB (1-5 ug/ml) AB_10104413 and AB_2533309 are equivalent.
References: PMID:10531011, PMID:15215254, PMID:19410558, PMID:19648234, PMID:19827152, PMID:20819933, PMID:23245324, PMID:23285209, PMID:23943396, PMID:26153232, PMID:26363114, PMID:26786100, PMID:26880549, PMID:29125121
Host Organism: mouse
Clonality: monoclonal antibody
Target(s): 6x-His Tag

Cite this (MGI Cat# 6094246, RRID:MGI:6094246)

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 6094246
Genetic Background: BXSB.129X1-Fcgrt/Dcr
Affected Genes: Fcgrt, Yaa
Genomic Alteration: Yaa; tm1Dcr
Availability: Availability unknown check source stock center
Reference: PMID:21964024
Notes: premature death Allele Detail: Targeted, Spontaneous

Cite this (Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# 37-7100, RRID:AB_2533336)
Comments: Vendor recommended applications: IF (Assay Dependent), IP (Assay Dependent), Flow (3-5 ug/10^6 cells), ELISA (Assay Dependent), ICC (Assay Dependent), WB (Assay Dependent), IHC (P) (1:20) AB_10104415 and AB_2533336 are equivalent.
References: PMID:21170987, PMID:24032677, PMID:26576650, PMID:27003818
Host Organism: mouse
Clonality: monoclonal antibody
Target(s): PLK1

Cite this (MGI Cat# 6101473, RRID:MGI:6101473)

Source Database: MGI, catalog # 6101473
Genetic Background: B6.Cg-Fxn Fxn/J
Affected Genes: Fxn
Genomic Alteration: tm1.1Pand; tm1Mkn
Availability: Availability unknown check source stock center
Reference: PMID:28444186
Notes: abnormal mitochondrial biogenesis Allele Detail: Targeted

Cite this (Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# A-31565, RRID:AB_2536178)
Comments: Vendor recommended applications: IM (0.2-10 ug/mL) AB_10373124 and AB_2536178 are equivalent.
References: PMID:24175095, PMID:26163525
Host Organism: goat
Clonality: polyclonal antibody
Target(s): Rabbit IgG

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