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The Antibody Registry is the authoritative source for antibody identifiers, which can be used in publications to uniquely mark the antibodies used in a paper.

(last updated: Oct 12, 2019)

Antibody Molecule Physical Resource or Software Tool

79,171 Results - per page

Antibody IDAntibody NameTarget AntigenProper CitationClonalityReferenceCommentsClone IDHost OrganismVendorCat Num
AB_380925PR3 [1F11] antibodyPR3 human(GeneTex Cat# GTX10199, RRID:AB_380925)monoclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: ELISA; ELISAClone 1F11mouseGeneTex GTX10199
AB_378660Rabbit Anti-Mouse IgG3 Antibody, UnconjugatedMouse IgG3 mouse(GeneTex Cat# GTX77285, RRID:AB_378660)unknownmanufacturer recommendations:rabbitGeneTex GTX77285
AB_373220Goat Anti-TFE3 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedTFE3 (GeneTex Cat# GTX22753, RRID:AB_373220)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations:goatGeneTex GTX22753
AB_368282Goat Anti-BLNK Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedBLNK (GeneTex Cat# GTX22230, RRID:AB_368282)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Western Blot; WBgoatGeneTex GTX22230
AB_370058Rabbit Anti-Lig1 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedLig1 (GeneTex Cat# GTX13706, RRID:AB_370058)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Western Blot; WBrabbitGeneTex GTX13706
AB_372344Goat Anti-NCE2 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedNCE2 (GeneTex Cat# GTX15707, RRID:AB_372344)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations:goatGeneTex GTX15707
AB_372430Rabbit Anti-MYO9B Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedMYO9B (GeneTex Cat# GTX11098, RRID:AB_372430)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Western Blot; WBrabbitGeneTex GTX11098
AB_370588Goat Anti-FOXH1 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedFOXH1 (GeneTex Cat# GTX25275, RRID:AB_370588)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations:goatGeneTex GTX25275
AB_372922Goat Anti-RNF36 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedRNF36 (GeneTex Cat# GTX24201, RRID:AB_372922)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations:goatGeneTex GTX24201
AB_377651Bmf antibodyBMF (NT) human(GeneTex Cat# GTX74501, RRID:AB_377651)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Western Blot; WBrabbitGeneTex GTX74501
AB_367274Goat Anti-Anillin Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedAnillin (GeneTex Cat# GTX25910, RRID:AB_367274)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations:goatGeneTex GTX25910
AB_368019Rabbit Anti-TMS1 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedTMS1 (GeneTex Cat# GTX28394, RRID:AB_368019)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Western Blot; WBrabbitGeneTex GTX28394
AB_368141Goat Anti-ATM Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedATM (GeneTex Cat# GTX22631, RRID:AB_368141)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Immunoprecipitation; Western Blot; IP, WBgoatGeneTex GTX22631
AB_369289Rabbit Anti-Cyclin H Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedCyclin H (GeneTex Cat# GTX10542, RRID:AB_369289)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Western Blot; WBrabbitGeneTex GTX10542
AB_369856Rabbit Anti-PCNA Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedPCNA (GeneTex Cat# GTX15498, RRID:AB_369856)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Immunohistochemistry; IHC-PrabbitGeneTex GTX15498
AB_370413Rabbit Anti-ELK1 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedELK1 (GeneTex Cat# GTX11847, RRID:AB_370413)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Western Blot; WBrabbitGeneTex GTX11847
AB_379057MCP1 antibodyRat MCP-1 rat(GeneTex Cat# GTX74118, RRID:AB_379057)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: ELISA; Western Blot; ELISA, WBrabbitGeneTex GTX74118
AB_370073Goat Anti-MCM3 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedMCM3 (GeneTex Cat# GTX23724, RRID:AB_370073)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations: Western Blot; WBgoatGeneTex GTX23724
AB_380902Goat Anti-PTPN3 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedPTPN3 (GeneTex Cat# GTX10153, RRID:AB_380902)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations:goatGeneTex GTX10153
AB_370587Goat Anti-FOXB1 Polyclonal Antibody, UnconjugatedFOXB1 (GeneTex Cat# GTX25274, RRID:AB_370587)polyclonal antibodymanufacturer recommendations:goatGeneTex GTX25274
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