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AntibodyRegistry: Antibodies

The Antibody Registry is the authoritative source for antibody identifiers, which can be used in publications to uniquely mark the antibodies used in a paper.

(last updated: Feb 10, 2018)

Antibody Molecule Physical Resource or Software Tool

2,490,797 Results - per page

Antibody IDAntibody NameTarget AntigenVendorCat NumProper CitationReferenceClonalityClone IDHost OrganismComments
AB_10707935HAMSTER ANTI MOUSE DELTA-LIKE PROTEIN 4 antibodyHAMSTER ANTI MOUSE DELTA-LIKE PROTEIN 4 mouseBio-Rad / AbD Serotec MCA5706GA(Bio-Rad / AbD Serotec Cat# MCA5706GA, RRID:AB_10707935)monoclonal antibodyhamstermanufacturer recommendations: IgG; IgG Immunohistochemistry - fixed; Flow Cytometry; Functional Assay; Immunohistochemistry - frozen; Immunohistochemistry; Flow Cytometry, Immunohistology - Frozen, Immunohistology - Paraffin, Functional Assays
AB_391211Mouse Anti-Antiplasmin Monclonal, Unconjugated antibodyMouse Antiplasmin Monclonal mouseInnovative Research IMAP27C9(Innovative Research Cat# IMAP27C9, RRID:AB_391211)monoclonal antibodymousemanufacturer recommendations:
AB_10707942Mouse Anti-Morphine Monoclonal, Unconjugated antibodyMouse Morphine Innovative Research IR7476144(Innovative Research Cat# IR7476144, RRID:AB_10707942)monoclonal antibodymousemanufacturer recommendations:
AB_10707943Mouse Anti-uPA Monclonal, Unconjugated antibodyMouse uPA Monclonal mouseInnovative Research IH77B6(Innovative Research Cat# IH77B6, RRID:AB_10707943)monoclonal antibodymousemanufacturer recommendations:
AB_10707948SPCA1/2 (H-110) antibodySPCA1/2 (H-110) human, mouse, ratSanta Cruz Biotechnology sc-134450(Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-134450, RRID:AB_10707948)monoclonal antibodyrabbitvalidation status unknown check with seller; recommendations: WB, IP, IF, ELISA
AB_10710057zinc finger protein 138 antibodyzinc finger protein 138 antibody humanAbcam ab105071(Abcam Cat# ab105071, RRID:AB_10710057)polyclonal antibodyrabbitseller recommendations: Western Blot; WB
AB_10707954TIM-1 (M-32) antibodyTIM-1 (M-32) mouseSanta Cruz Biotechnology sc-135253(Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-135253, RRID:AB_10707954)monoclonal antibodyrabbitvalidation status unknown check with seller; recommendations: WB, IP, IF, ELISA
AB_2536958Blood Group Lewis B Antibody (2-25LE)Blood Group Lewis B humanThermo Fisher Scientific Go To VendorMA1-19347(Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# MA1-19347, RRID:AB_2536958)monoclonal antibody2-25LEmouseDiscontinued; Applications: ELISA, Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin), Western Blot; Reactive Species: Human
AB_10707962Limkain b1 (E-17) antibodyLimkain b1 (E-17) humanSanta Cruz Biotechnology sc-139265(Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-139265, RRID:AB_10707962)monoclonal antibodyrabbitvalidation status unknown check with seller; recommendations: WB, IP, IF, ELISA
AB_10729981Anti-IgG (H+L) Polyclonal Antibody,IgG (H+L) goatGeneTex GTX76705(GeneTex Cat# GTX76705, RRID:AB_10729981)polyclonal antibodydonkeymanufacturer recommendations:
AB_10707966AZ2 (F-12) antibodyAZ2 (F-12) human, mouse, ratSanta Cruz Biotechnology sc-163720(Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-163720, RRID:AB_10707966)monoclonal antibodygoatvalidation status unknown check with seller; recommendations: WB, IP, IF, ELISA
AB_10707968SGK (H-40) antibodySGK (H-40) human, mouse, ratSanta Cruz Biotechnology sc-33774(Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-33774, RRID:AB_10707968)monoclonal antibodyrabbitvalidation status unknown check with seller; recommendations: WB, IP, IF, ELISA
AB_10710344RSBN1 antibodyRSBN1 antibody humanAbcam ab102071(Abcam Cat# ab102071, RRID:AB_10710344)polyclonal antibodyrabbitseller recommendations: WB; Western Blot
AB_10707984SEMA4G (N-18) antibodySEMA4G (N-18) human, mouse, ratSanta Cruz Biotechnology sc-67951(Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-67951, RRID:AB_10707984)monoclonal antibodygoatvalidation status unknown check with seller; recommendations: WB, IF, ELISA
AB_1070798Blood Group Lewis Y Monoclonal Antibody (A70-C/C8)Blood Group Lewis Y See NCBI gene humanThermo Fisher Scientific Go To VendorMA1-35028(Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# MA1-35028, RRID:AB_1070798)monoclonal antibodyA70-C/C8mouseVendor recommended applications: IHC (F) (Assay Dependent), IHC (P) (Assay Dependent)
AB_1962312Mouse Anti-Human GATAD1 Monoclonal, Unconjugated, Clone 459C1a antibodyMouse Human GATAD1 Clone 459C1a humanCosmo Bio Co CBX-CBX00709(Cosmo Bio Co Cat# CBX-CBX00709, RRID:AB_1962312)monoclonal antibodymousemanufacturer recommendations: IgG1 Western Blot; Western Blot/Dot Blot
AB_1961968Mouse Anti-Human TCF8 Monoclonal, Unconjugated, Clone 416A7H10 antibodyMouse Human TCF8 Clone 416A7H10 humanCosmo Bio Co CBX-CBX00502(Cosmo Bio Co Cat# CBX-CBX00502, RRID:AB_1961968)monoclonal antibodymousemanufacturer recommendations: IgG1 Western Blot; Western Blot/Dot Blot
AB_1961965Mouse Anti-Human NCOA3 Monoclonal, Unconjugated, Clone 2616C2a antibodyMouse Human NCOA3 Clone 2616C2a humanCosmo Bio Co CBX-CBX00521(Cosmo Bio Co Cat# CBX-CBX00521, RRID:AB_1961965)monoclonal antibodymousemanufacturer recommendations: IgG1 Western Blot; Western Blot/Dot Blot
AB_10708004Sheep Anti-Human Hemoglobin Polyclonal, Unconjugated antibodySheep Human Hemoglobin humanCosmo Bio Co NBT-PS-043(Cosmo Bio Co Cat# NBT-PS-043, RRID:AB_10708004)polyclonal antibodysheepmanufacturer recommendations: -
AB_1961902Rabbit Anti-Human TDP-43, phospho Ser403/404 Polyclonal, Unconjugated antibodyRabbit Human TDP-43 phospho Ser403/404 Cosmo Bio Co CAC-TIP-PTD-P05(Cosmo Bio Co Cat# CAC-TIP-PTD-P05, RRID:AB_1961902)polyclonal antibodyrabbitmanufacturer recommendations: IgG Other; Western Blot; ELISA; Immunohistochemistry; Western Blot/Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay/Immunohistochemistry
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