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The Antibody Registry is the authoritative source for antibody identifiers, which can be used in publications to uniquely mark the antibodies used in a paper.

(last updated: Sep 14, 2019)

Antibody Molecule Physical Resource or Software Tool

2,441,580 Results - per page

Antibody IDAntibody NameTarget AntigenProper CitationClonalityReferenceCommentsClone IDHost OrganismVendorCat Num
AB_2770471MTMR2 Polyclonal AntibodyMTMR2 human, mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A8993, RRID:AB_2770471)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A8993
AB_2770476MTPAP Polyclonal AntibodyMTPAP human mouse(ABclonal Cat# A17715, RRID:AB_2770476)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A17715
AB_2770484MUC5A Polyclonal AntibodyMUC5A human, mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A17325, RRID:AB_2770484)polyclonal antibodyApplications: IFrabbitABclonal A17325
AB_2770489MYC Polyclonal AntibodyMYC human, mouse(ABclonal Cat# A17332, RRID:AB_2770489)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A17332
AB_2770490MYCL Polyclonal AntibodyMYCL human, mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A16301, RRID:AB_2770490)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WB, IHC, IFrabbitABclonal A16301
AB_2770497MYL6 Polyclonal AntibodyMYL6 human, mouse(ABclonal Cat# A8557, RRID:AB_2770497)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A8557
AB_2770498MYL6B Polyclonal AntibodyMYL6B human, mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A9996, RRID:AB_2770498)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A9996
AB_2770500MYO10 Polyclonal AntibodyMYO10 human, mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A8439, RRID:AB_2770500)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WB, IHCrabbitABclonal A8439
AB_2770502MYO1A Polyclonal AntibodyMYO1A human, mouse(ABclonal Cat# A9272, RRID:AB_2770502)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A9272
AB_2770503MYO5A Polyclonal AntibodyMYO5A human, mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A9830, RRID:AB_2770503)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WB, IHCrabbitABclonal A9830
AB_2770512NAA25 Polyclonal AntibodyNAA25 mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A8516, RRID:AB_2770512)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A8516
AB_2770528NCAM1 Polyclonal AntibodyNCAM1 human, mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A7913, RRID:AB_2770528)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WB, IHCrabbitABclonal A7913
AB_2770530NCDN Polyclonal AntibodyNCDN human(ABclonal Cat# A8882, RRID:AB_2770530)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A8882
AB_2770531NCEH1 Polyclonal AntibodyNCEH1 human(ABclonal Cat# A17741, RRID:AB_2770531)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A17741
AB_2770535NCOA7 Polyclonal AntibodyNCOA7 human, mouse(ABclonal Cat# A9553, RRID:AB_2770535)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WB, IHC, FCrabbitABclonal A9553
AB_2770536NCOR2 Polyclonal AntibodyNCOR2 human(ABclonal Cat# A8388, RRID:AB_2770536)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A8388
AB_2770539NDC1 Polyclonal AntibodyNDC1 human mouse(ABclonal Cat# A17727, RRID:AB_2770539)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A17727
AB_2770540NDOR1 Polyclonal AntibodyNDOR1 human, mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A4647, RRID:AB_2770540)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WB, IHCrabbitABclonal A4647
AB_2770543NDUFA11 Polyclonal AntibodyNDUFA11 mouse(ABclonal Cat# A16239, RRID:AB_2770543)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WBrabbitABclonal A16239
AB_2770553NDUFV1 Polyclonal AntibodyNDUFV1 human, mouse, rat(ABclonal Cat# A8014, RRID:AB_2770553)polyclonal antibodyApplications: WB, IFrabbitABclonal A8014
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