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Mus musculus


mouse cells


gene symbol note: fragile X mental retardation syndrome 1; congenic strain: targeted mutation 1, Robert B Darnell

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Eco-HAB as a fully automated and ecologically relevant assessment of social impairments in mouse models of autism.

  • PuĊ›cian A
  • Elife
  • 2016 Oct 12

Literature context: B strain (RRID:IMSR_JAX:008909) and all r


Eco-HAB is an open source, RFID-based system for automated measurement and analysis of social preference and in-cohort sociability in mice. The system closely follows murine ethology. It requires no contact between a human experimenter and tested animals, overcoming the confounding factors that lead to irreproducible assessment of murine social behavior between laboratories. In Eco-HAB, group-housed animals live in a spacious, four-compartment apparatus with shadowed areas and narrow tunnels, resembling natural burrows. Eco-HAB allows for assessment of the tendency of mice to voluntarily spend time together in ethologically relevant mouse group sizes. Custom-made software for automated tracking, data extraction, and analysis enables quick evaluation of social impairments. The developed protocols and standardized behavioral measures demonstrate high replicability. Unlike classic three-chambered sociability tests, Eco-HAB provides measurements of spontaneous, ecologically relevant social behaviors in group-housed animals. Results are obtained faster, with less manpower, and without confounding factors.