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Adding Sources and Categories to Communities

Step 1: Log into your SciCrunch Account and access your community page


Step 2: After accessing your community page, go to the “Account” tab and click “Manage Communty”


Step 3:Click the configuration icon next to "Sources"


Step 4:  Click "action" to add a new subcategory or click "add new category" to add a new root category.


Step 5: Click "Action" again to add a source to your category by selecting “Add Source”.


Step 6: Choose the source you want to add and define how you want to display it ("facet" means setting the facets for the view; and the "filter" option changes the part of the data you want to expose.)-8e-_NjaQDVhtxF8ikZZz6LCOHXu5O04ugbUMVkC