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QHow do I publish my data sets through ODC-SCI?

A:  In order to publish data, you have to be a member of laboratory that has been approved for membership in ODC-SCI.  To apply for membership, visit the home page and click on the "Join" link.  

QHow do I join an existing laboratory?

A:  After you log in, click on the "All labs" tab under "Lab home" to see a listing of current ODC SCI Labs.  Click on the 'Request access" button to send an email request to the Laboratory PI.  

QWhat is a CDE?

 A:  CDE, or Common Data Element,  is a data element that is common to multiple data sets across different studies. In most spreadsheets, the data element is the name of the data field, e.g., age.  ODC-SCI has agreed on a list of CDE’s that either should or can be collected in a given experiment. Using CDE’s makes it easier to combine data across experiments and experimenters. A preliminary list of CDE's that are currently in use in ODC-SCI is available.

Q: What is a CSV file?

A. CSV stands for comma separated value and is an open format for spreadsheets.  Most spreadsheet programs, including Excel, allow you to convert to CSV by choosing the “Export” option or “Save as” option, and select CSV as the output.

Q: Why does ODC-SCI use templates instead of just allowing researchers to upload their data files directly?

A: The goal of ODC-SCI is to create FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable data. Templates directly address the "I" in FAIR: Interoperability in two ways. First, templates can be reused. When templates are re-used, data sets can be more easily combined, because data has been collected according to the same data model. Second, ODC-SCI encourages researchers to use the Common Data Elements (CDE’s) when creating a new template or to map existing templates to CDE's. Common Data Elements also make it possible to aggregate data, because they indicate what fields two data sets have in common, even if they use different templates. So CDE's make it possible to answer a question: What is the average age of all rodents used across ODC SCI?

Q: How can I tell what template is used by a data set?

A: We are in the process of making this easier, but currently, if you select a data set, the template used is displayed in the info box.


Q:  How can I tell if a template set is mapped to CDE's?

A: Select the template from your library.  ODC-SCI will show you what data sets are using that template and also show you a list of CDE's for that template.  If a field has been mapped, it will show the name of the CDE (pink arrow), e.g., Lab Person Name.  If it is unmapped, it will say "Unmapped Data Element" (blue arrow).  Clicking on "edit CDE" will allow you to change a CDE or to map additional fields to CDE's.

Q: I uploaded my data, but my other lab members can't see the data.

A. ODC-SCI provides several levels of privacy to ensure that data isn't shared before they are meant to be. When you complete the data upload, you must click "Share data" to make data available to other members of your lab (=Private data). The data sets will then show up in the Lab Home page. Clicking on "manage lab" will allow lab members to open data sets shared with the lab.

Q:  What does it mean to make data available in the Open Data Commons?  How do I do that?

 A:  ODC-SCI has 4 levels of visibility for data sets:  1)  Private only to me;  2)  Shared only with lab members;  3)  Shared with all members of the ODC-SCI;  4)  Shared with the public.  When you upload data to ODC-SCI and click "Share data" (see FAQ above), you have shared the data with your lab members.  Sharing with other members of ODC-SCI or the public, requires permission from the laboratory manager.  To request permission,  click on "Manage lab" under the Notifications and Actions box on your lab home page.  Locate the data set you wish to share in your list of data sets.  Click on the "Private" label, and then select ODC-SCI commons members".  The data will be made available to the ODC once approved by the lab manager.


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