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object-oriented Transcription Factors Database

ooTFD (object-oriented Transcription Factors Database) is a successor to TFD, the original Transcription Factors Database. This database is aimed at capturing information regarding the polypeptide interactions which comprise and define the properties of transcription factors. ooTFD contains information about transcription factor binding sites, as well as composite relationships within transcription factors, which frequently occur as multisubunit proteins that form a complex interface to cellular processes outside the transcription machinery through protein-protein interactions. ooTFD contains information represented in TFD but also allows the representation of containment, composite, and interaction relationships between transcription factor polypeptides. It is designed to represent information about all transcription factors, both eukaryotic and prokaryotic, basal as well as regulatory factors, and multiprotein complexes as well as monomers.

URL: http://www.ifti.org/ootfd/

Resource ID: nif-0000-21303     Resource Type: Resource     Version: Latest Version


eukaryotic, expression, factor, gene, basal, binding site, biochemical, biology, cellular, complex, genome, genomic, information, interaction, molecule, monomer, multisubunit, nucleotide sequences, transcriptional regulator sites, transcription factors, object, polypeptide, process, prokaryotic, property, protein, protein-protein interaction, regulatory, sequence, transcription



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