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Collection based on a collaborative effort of popular neuroscience research software for the Debian operating system as well as Ubuntu and other derivatives. Popular packages include AFNI, FSL, PyMVPA and many others. It contains both unofficial or prospective packages which are not (yet) available from the main Debian archive, as well as backported or simply rebuilt packages also available elsewhere. A listing of current and planned projects is available if you want to get involved. The main goal of the project is to provide a versatile and convenient environment for neuroscientific research that is based on open-source software. To this end, the project offers a package repository that complements the main Debian (and Ubuntu) archive. NeuroDebian is not yet another Linux distribution, but rather an effort inside the Debian project itself. Software packages are fully integrated into the Debian system and from there will eventually migrate into Ubuntu as well. With NeuroDebian, installing and updating neuroscience software is no different from any other part of the operating system. Maintaining a research software environment becomes as easy as installing an editor. There is also virtual machine to test NeuroDebian on Windows or Mac OS. If you want to see your software packaged for Debian, please drop them a note.

URL: http://neuro.debian.net/

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linux, linux distribution, virtual machine, fmri, eeg, pymvpa, python, r, debian, brain image, neuroscience, platform, afni brik, bshort, bfloat, console (text based), dicom, domain independent, freebsd, gnome, kde, linux, minc2, nifti, philips par/rec, development environment, posix/unix-like, system administrator, web environment

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