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A flexible framework in Java for developing portable and high-performance biomedical imaging applications. It consists of a set of Java classes, organized under an API, that provides the core functionality of 2-D image presentation needed by most imaging applications. It handles the display of 2-D image sequences in user definable layouts, with the built-in capabilities of zooming, panning, flipping, rotating by 90 degrees, and look-up tables. It also supports image display overlays in the form of text, arbitrary geometric shapes, and images, all with the option of being opaque or translucent. It follows Java's Swing model closely to make it easy for application developers to build GUIs where end users can use various tools in a tool bar to manipulate the image displays. It utilizes existing Java2D capabilities in key steps of the image rendering process, such as affine transformation and table look-up, to take advantage of any performance optimization built into the Java runtime.

URL: http://www.loni.ucla.edu/Software/Software_Detail.jsp?software_id=1

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imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, image processing software


:Development with public userbase
:A portable software framework for medical imaging research

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12:00am September 21, 2010

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