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eBioNews: A Subsidiary of eBioCenter

eBioNews specializes in online information services and resource exchanges in the fields of life sciences and biotechnology. By applying its knowledge database and content management system (CMS), eBioNews offers readers and customers the organized and comprehensive information. eBioNews also provides a membership-based service to assist our customers in information and data search, processing, storage, and sharing. Generally, eBioNews covers the following areas: - life science frontiers - news and discussions - features and specials - resources and sourcing - career development - academic and industry - training and education Additionally, eBioNews information is organized into the following two clusters: - News Center: 1. Headlights 2. Research Frontiers 3. General Research 4. Clinical Development 5. Enterprise & Industry 6. Products & Services 7. Investment & Financials 8. Features 9. Newsletter The News Center consists of the elements and mechanisms that enable collecting, organizing, displaying, and delivering life science related information, data, and knowledge. - Resource Center: 1. eBioResources 2. Cooperation 3. Events 4. Human Resources 5. Intellectual Property 6. Finance & Legal 7. Operations 8. Organization 9. Publication The Resource Center is a system that hosts and facilitates the resource-related information between and among multiple parties, especially for promoting cooperation, collaboration, consortium, partnering, joint venture, licensing, out-sourcing, and trading. Sponsors: This resource is supported by eBioCenter Corporation.

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education, biology, biotechnology, career, data, database, developing, industry, knowledge, life, life science, mechanism, news, organizing, processing, science, service, sharing, storage, training



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