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Zebrafish Atlas

Atlas containing 2- and 3-dimensional, anatomical reference slides of the lifespan of the zebrafish to support research and education worldwide. Hematoxylin and eosin histological slides, at various points in the lifespan of the zebrafish, have been scanned at 40x resolution and are available through a virtual slide viewer. 3D models of the organs are reconstructed from plastic tissue sections of embryo and larvae. The size of the zebrafish, which allows sections to fall conveniently within the dimensions of the common 1 x 3 glass slide, makes it possible for this anatomical atlas to become as high resolution as for any vertebrate. That resolution, together with the integration of histology and organ anatomy, will create unique opportunities for comparisons with both smaller and larger model systems that each have their own strengths in research and educational value. The atlas team is working to allow the site to function as a scaffold for collaborative research and educational activity across disciplines and model organisms. The Zebrafish Atlas was created to answer a community call for a comprehensive, web-based, anatomical and pathological atlas of the zebrafish, which has become one of the most widely used vertebrate animal models globally. The experimental strengths of zebrafish as a model system have made it useful for a wide range of investigations addressing the missions of the NIH and NSF. The Zebrafish Atlas provides reference slides for virtual microscopic viewing of the zebrafish using an Internet browser. Virtual slide technology allows the user to choose their own field of view and magnification, and to consult labeled histological sections of zebrafish. We are planning to include a complete set of embryos, larvae, juveniles, and adults from approximately 25 different ages. Future work will also include a variety of comparisons (e.g. normal vs. mutant, normal vs. diseased, multiple stages of development, zebrafish with other organisms, and different types of cancer).

URL: http://www.zfatlas.psu.edu/

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embryo, eosin, expression, genetic, adult, anatomical, anatomy, cancer, development, hematoxylin, histological, histology, juvenile, larvae, lifespan, model, slide, sagittal, coronal, transverse, stage, embryonic zebrafish, juvenile zebrafish, immature zebrafish, larval zebrafish, young zebrafish, adult zebrafish

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Zebrafish Atlas


Penn State Zebrafish Atlas, Zebrafish Atlas - A Lifespan Atlas of the Zebrafish, PSU Zebrafish Atlas

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