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Wordpress ePub Plugin

Martin Fenner''s blog is about a WordPress plugin that he created that automatically creates ePub files from blog posts - they are created in the background when you save a blog post. The plugin can be installed directly from your WordPress installation. For now the plugin, ePub Export, only stores the text and images, but the next version should allow embedding of all kinds of files, most importantly data. ePub is a very interesting document format for scholarly publishing and has several advantages over PDF, including: * ePub can be used for all steps in the creation of a scholarly document, including data collection, authoring, annotating and peer review. There is no need for time-consuming and expensive format conversions. Currently most manuscripts are submitted in Microsoft Word or LateX formats, and then converted first to XML and then to HTML and PDF. Metadata such as author identifiers, digital object identifiers and semantic information can be added early on and don''t get lost in a format conversion. * ePub makes it easy to include supplementary material, e.g. video and other multimedia content, the datasets used in the publication (particularly the data used for tables and figures), all cited references in BibTeX format, etc. * ePub is much better suited for reading on mobile devices, as the format allows reflowing of content. Most articles today are printed from the PDF and then read, but this behavior is rapidly changing.

URL: http://blogs.plos.org/mfenner/2011/02/01/epub-wordpress-plugin-released-today/

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