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This project will develop an approach and mechanism to address the construction and propagation of linked data in the context of research and academic endeavour. The proposed work will build experiments in previous projects (Claddier, StoreLink) to develop a peer-to-peer protocol to underpin the construction of a web of linked data. This set of semantically annotated links between data resources forms a graph of citation and provenance and the project will build value added services to exploit these features. The project will address the following specific objectives: * To specify and implement the Intercom Protocol so that it can communicate a range of types of semantic links between resources via a secure communication mechanism. * To develop a practical working scenario involving data repositories, publication repositories, open science notebooks and publishers. * To develop aggregation techniques supporting added value services in search and impact analysis. * To evaluate of the approach with the identified stakeholders groups.

URL: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/mrd/clip/webtracks.aspx

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