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Volume image object AnNOtation System

VANO is a Volume image object AnNOtation System for 3D multicolor image stacks, developed by Hanchuan Peng, Fuhui Long, and Gene Myers. VANO provides a well-coordinated way to annotate hundreds or thousands of 3D image objects. It combines 3D views of images and spread sheet neatly, and is just easy to manage 3D segmented image objects. It also lets you incorporate your segmentation priors, and lets you edit your segmentation results! This system has been used in building the first digital nuclei atlases of C. elegans at the post-embryonic stage (joint work with Stuart Kim lab, Stanford Univ), the single-neuron level fruit fly neuronal atlas of late embryos (with Chris Doe lab, Univ of Oregon, HHMI), and the compartment-level of digital map(s) of adult fruit fly brains (several labs at Janelia Farm, HHMI). VANO is cross-platform software. Currently the downloadable versions are for Windows (XP and Vista) and Mac (Intel-chip based, Leopard or Tiger OS). If you need VANO for different systems (such as 64bit or 32bit, Redhat Linux, Ubuntu, etc), you can either compile the software, or send an email to pengh (at) janelia.hhmi.org. VANO is Open-Source. You can download both the source code files and pre-complied versions at the Software Downloads page.

URL: http://vano.cellexplorer.org/

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embryo, fruit fly, 3d, annotation, atlas, brain, neuron, neuronal, object, segmentation, software, image, nucleus, cell


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VANO - Volume image object AnNOtation System, Volume-object annotation system (VANO)

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VANO: a volume-object image annotation system.

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Volume-object annotation system (VANO) is a cross-platform image annotation system that enables one to conveniently visualize and annotate 3D volume objects including nuclei and cells. An application of VANO typically starts with an initial collection of objects produced by a segmentation computation. The objects can then be labeled, categorized, deleted, added, split, merged and redefined. VANO has been used to build high-resolution digital atlases of the nuclei of Caenorhabditis elegans at the L1 stage and the nuclei of Drosophila melanogaster's ventral nerve cord at the late embryonic stage. AVAILABILITY: Platform independent executables of VANO, a sample dataset, and a detailed description of both its design and usage are available at research.janelia.org/peng/proj/vano. VANO is open-source for co-development.