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Virus Particle ExploreR

VIPERdb is a database for icosahedral virus capsid structures. The emphasis of the resource is on providing data from structural and computational analyses on these systems, as well as high quality renderings for visual exploration. In addition, all virus capsids are placed in a single icosahedral orientation convention, facilitating comparison between different structures. The web site includes powerful search utilities , links to other relevant databases, background information on virus capsid structure, and useful database interface tools. It is an information source for the analysis of high resolution virus structures. VIPERdb is a one-stop site dedicated to helping users around the world examine the many icosahedral virus structures contained within the Protein Data Bank (PDB) by providing them with an easy to use database containing current data and a variety of analytical tools. Sponsors: VIPERdb is funded by the NIH.

URL: http://viperdb.scripps.edu/

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exploration, analysis, capsid, computational, convention, database, icosahedral, structural, structure, system, virus, visual



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