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Virtual NeuroMorphology Electronic Database

Data set of virtually generated anatomically plausible neurons for several morphological classes, including cerebellar Purkinje cells, hippocampal pyramidal and granule cells, and spinal cord motoneurons. Traced Neurons: * Amaral Cell archive * Neuron_Morpho reconstructions * Mouse Alpha Motoneurons Generated Neurons: * Motoneurons * Purkinje Cells * Hippocampal Pyramidal Cells Hippocampal Axonal Morphology Two major types of algorithms have been proposed for the generation and description of dendritic trees. Local algorithms rely entirely on a set of local rules correlating morphological parameters (such as branch diameter and length) to let each branch grow independent of the other dendrites in the tree and independent of its absolute position within the tree. In global algorithms, new dendritic branches are dealt from outside to competing groups of growing tips, also depending on their position in the tree (e.g. on their distance from the soma). They are developing two programs, L-Neuron and ArborVitae, which implement several global and local algorithms, to investigate systematically the potential of the computational neuroanatomy approach for neuroscience databases. Experimental files of motoneuron morphology were provided by Dr. Burke's lab at the NIH. The relative data is described and published by Cullheim's et al., 1987 (PMID: 3819010) Experimental files of Purkinje cell morphology were provided by Dr. Rapp at the Hebrew University. The relative data is described and published by Rapp et al., 1994 (PMID: 8014888).

URL: http://krasnow1.gmu.edu/L-Neuron/L-Neuron/database/

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neuron, morphology, computational neuroanatomy, neuroanatomy, neuronal reconstruction, neuron model, purkinje cell, motor neuron, ca1, ca3, hippocampal pyramidal cell, axon, hippocampus, triceps surae

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