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Vienna RNA

This server provides programs, web services, and databases, related to our work on RNA secondary structures. For general information and other offerings from our group see the main TBI web server. With the 1st of May 2009 we updated our servers to the Vienna RNA package version 1.8.2! The Vienna RNA Servers: * RNAfold server predicts minimum free energy structures and base pair probabilities from single RNA or DNA sequences. * RNAalifold server predicts consensus secondary structures from an alignment of several related RNA or DNA sequences. You need to upload an alignment. * RNAinverse server allows you to design RNA sequences for any desired target secondary structure. * RNAcofold server allows you to predict the secondary structure of a dimer. * RNAup server allows you to predict the accessibility of a target region. * LocARNA server generates structural alignments from a set of sequences. In collaboration with the Bioinformatics Group Freiburg. * barriers server allows you to get insights into RNA folding kinetics. * RNAz server will assist you in detecting thermodynamically stable and evolutionarily conserved RNA secondary structures in multiple sequence alignments. * Structure conservation analysis server will assist you in detecting evolutionarily conserved RNA secondary structures in multiple sequence alignments. * RNAstrand server allows you to predict the reading direction of evolutionarily conserved RNA secondary structures. * RNAxs server assists you in siRNA design. * Bcheck predicts rnpB genes Downloads Get the Source code for: * the Vienna RNA Package, our basic RNA secondary structure analysis software. * The ALIDOT package for finding conserved structure motifs (add-on) * The barriers program for analysis of RNA folding landscapes. Databases * Atlas of conserved Viral RNA Structures found by ALIDOT

URL: http://rna.tbi.univie.ac.at/cgi-bin/RNAfold.cgi

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Vienna RNA

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