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Central repository for high quality frequently updated manual annotation of vertebrate finished genome sequence. Human, mouse and zebrafish are in the process of being completely annotated, whereas for other species the annotation is only of specific genomic regions of particular biological interest. The majority of the annotation is from the HAVANA group at the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute. Users can BLAST, search for specific text, export, and download data. Genomes and details of the projects for each species are available through the homepages for human mouse and zebrafish. The website is built upon code from the EnsEMBL (http://www.ensembl.org) project. Some Ensembl features are not available in Vega. From the users point of view perhaps the most significant of these is MartView. However due to their inclusion in Ensembl, Vega human and mouse data can be queried using Ensembl MartView. Vega contains annotation of the human MHC region in eight haplotypes, and the LRC region in three haplotypes. Vega also contains annotation on the Insulin Dependent Diabetes (IDD) regions on non-reference assemblies for mouse.

URL: http://vega.sanger.ac.uk/

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human, mouse, zebrafish, gorilla, wallaby, pig, dog, vertebrate, genome, orfs

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PMID: 16440057, PMID: 16925840, PMID: 17705864, PMID: 18193213, PMID: 19956733, PMID: 20126413, PMID: 20428316, PMID: 21296742, PMID: 21622977, PMID: 22768871, PMID: 23589541, PMID: 24316575




Vertebrate Genome Annotation, Vertebrate Genome Annotation Database, The Vertebrate Genome Annotation database (VEGA)

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