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University of Wisconsin Madison WI. Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Modern molecular biology, protein biochemistry, immunology, cell biology, genetics, electrophysiology, and morphology are well represented in the Program in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. Students will be instructed thoroughly in these fields as well as in the unique principles of Pharmacology. One major objective of the Program is to teach the students a fundamental understanding of the molecular basis of signal transducing systems and their regulation. The Program brings together an outstanding group of dedicated trainers with a focus on cellular signal transduction. Graduates of the Program will be well prepared for a career in basic biomedical sciences. The Program provides a unique training experience for young scientists who want to elucidate basic principles of cellular signal pathways. Detailed knowledge of these pathways is the most important prerequisite for the discovery of new drugs and the treatment of diseases.

URL: http://www.wisc.edu/molpharm/

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