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University of Southern California Department of Neuroscience

Neuroscience department portal characterized by collaborative interactions between faculty and students working at many different levels of analysis, including research on cell-molecular neurobiology, systems-level analysis of neural circuits, neural engineering, and cognitive and computational neuroscience. When combined with a varied curriculum, weekly seminars, an annual graduate student symposium, and an extremely active neuroscience graduate student forum, the USC Neuroscience Graduate Program provides a highly inter-disciplinary and supportive training experience designed to prepare students for a variety of successful careers. More than 60 USC Neuroscience faculty conduct externally funded research programs in areas ranging from the molecules that determine neuronal function to the principles of human cognition and emotion. Find out more about ongoing Neuroscience research at USC in each of the following major topic areas: - Behavioral, Systems, & Cognitive Neuroscience - Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology - Development, Plasticity & Repair - Computational Neuroscience & Neural Engineering - Aging, Neurobiology of Disease, & Translational Research Sponsors: Funded by the University of Southern California

URL: http://www.usc.edu/programs/neuroscience/

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behavioral neuroscience, cellular neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience, computational, development, disease, molecular neurobiology, neural engineering, neurobiology, neuroscience, plasticity, systems neuroscience, translation research


USC Neuroscience

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